Race Face bottom bracket alternatives….

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  • Race Face bottom bracket alternatives….
  • alpin

    After faffing around with the bike I’ve discovered why my cranks felt stiff. The drive side BB bearing its shot.

    Next SL cinch cranks.
    Threaded BB shell.

    Replace with another Race Face or are there better alternatives?


    I had a RF BB with my cinch Turbine cranks – pretty limited with replacement options due to the axle size – think it’s 30mm. Went for a Hope in the end – pricey but should last for years.


    Yep… Hope SS.


    Check out the Rotor BSA BB. Been using one for more than 12 months and still running smooth.


    They’re just stock 6806-2RS bearings, available for about £12 for 10pcs from most bearing shops…

    They’re also easy to press out of the stock cups, and easy to press in new ones…

    YOU DO NOT need to buy a whole new Bottom Bracket unit! In this respect, they’re exactly the same as a Hope, Rotor, Enduro, Wheels Mfg etc unit… BEST thing about 30mm axle BB’s IMO is how cheap and easy the bearings are to replace. The only minor annoyance is that the bearings never last quite as long as your typical 6805 or MR2437 equivalent that you run on a 24/25mm axle crank. But when 6806 bearings are so cheap, and it takes 15mins to replace a pair of them, it doesn’t really bother me.


    Did think of knocking out the bearing, butI might have fubar’d the shell when it came loose one time. Didn’t have anything other than an adjustable pliers.

    Will have a gooogooguloo… Cheers.


    Raceface use smaller bearings in comparison to the likes of Hope and Wheels Manufacturing – I’ve had bearings ‘go’ after one wet ride. The Wheels BB has decent secondary seals not just relying on the regular bearing seals. Slathering them in marine grease also helps, as well as keeping the BB protected from wheel spray.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    I have been buying GUB ceramic via Ebay. Standard HTII shells and seem to last for ages with year round use. €37*

    Is this suitable for RF CInch size-wise?


    Do all bb30 need a different sized removal tool?

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