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  • Race Face BB died after 6 months…
  • People still use X type? I thought I was the only one not on HTII systems now.

    Anyway…yeah, X type have a tendancy to wear out fast…so I’ve just taken that one on the chin and am just replacing mine as it wears out. When I finally get fed up with this I think I’m going to go back to a nice old school square taper set up. Well…this is for my single speed so I like things old and simple.


    Used to get 6 months our of my RF as well!

    Wwapped over to the Hope (std version) over a year ago and alls is well so far 😉

    Actually…ignore my last post…just realised I had a brain fart between ISIS and X type. D’oh! It’s been a long day so far!

    Anyway…dare I suggest…having your BB shell faced?

    You got 6 months?! I got 6 weeks!

    My Race Face X-Type BB sounds like it has gravel for bearings, after only 6 months!

    Apparently this is about standard, from what the dude in the bike shop says, so question is what to replace it with. I’m thinking Hope Ceramic, has anyone had any good/bad experiences with them? Hopefully it would last longer than 6 months!


    8 months, still fine 🙂

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    hope stainless is going well for me. admittedly on a shimano crank but assume they work the same on Xtype too!


    Managed to get a year out of mine. Now use Shimano BB.


    Acros ceramic? Delighted with mine so far, and just bought another.


    You got 6 months – I got 2 weeks on a brand new bike!

    They have got to be ythe worst out there

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    I have an Acros stainless one sitting on my desk waiting to be fitter later. Cheaper than Hope and come with a 2 year warranty.


    Is if from an Orange? (guessing from the name!). Mine failed on a seven month old Orange 5 – replaced with Hope S/S and my LBS claimed the difference in price back from Orange and Race Face. Took a few weeks but got some money back under warranty. Now very happy- with the RF I had to take the seat post out and drain water out after every wet ride or wash ( no pressure washers, just a garden hose) and it still seized solid, now there is never any water in the seat tube.

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    5 in 2yrs, shortest just weeks old. binned and fitted XT now a yr old and still OK. RF are just a very poor design/application for a bb.


    Stop willy waving! Mine last up to 4 weeks, although not as pish as my 2 superstar ones I tried at 1& 2 rides respectivly!


    My Race Face Diabolous BB has lasted nearly two years and still going strong.

    Enduro Bearing Set seem to work just fine on the X-Type BB.

    Pop out the pish RF bearings, clean cups, pop in the Enduro bearings, pack with super sticky grease, put on top cap bearing cover thingy, refit and FORGET!

    Mines been going for a year, without a hint of play etc.


    Jobs a goodin!


    ISIS: FSA (3 months), Superstar (8 months so far but not many rides yet)
    X-Type: 8 months and quite a lot of riding.

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    So that Hollowtech II £20 bearing kit fits Race Face BBs?

    Might give that a go, did manage to get more than a year out of my Deus – roughly the same as an old XT BB – though that was on the HT and ridden more in winter.

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    I ride once a month and all my HT2 BBs are perfect and have lasted over a year. Bear in mind that I do ride mainly in the dry and maximum ride time rarely exceeds two hours to preserve expensive components, but I have to say, based on my experience, outboard bottom brackets absolutely rock. Etc, unsubstantiated blah.

    Oh, while I remember, back in the real world, my Acros Stainless Steel one seized up sitting in a cupboard after around two months of hardish use including a week in a very dry Pyrenees – it’s going back to 18 Bikes next week. My mate killed one in the space of about a month including a muddy 24-hour solo. Not all they’re cracked up to be ime. I also had to pop the seals and totally clean out the bearings and re-grease on a Hope stainless one on my then gf’s bike when it started graunching. Since then it’s been fine though.

    Also found the Enduro replacement bearings disappointingly crap and badly sealed too. Lastest Shimano has managed six months before death though, with heavy regular use, which is a record for me. SLX btw. Essentially I think the system is just flawed, but there you go.

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