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    Yes I’ve had one since February. It’s good, I take it with on most big rides although I have another jacket for really manky winter riding.

    + Very lightweight
    + Hood fits over helmet for truly rank weather or standing about
    + Properly waterproof
    + Blue / orange one is bright without being day-glo

    – Taping started coming away on seams after 2nd wash, replaced no questions asked by Cotswold
    – Not the hardest wearing fabric if you intend to subject it to regular winter use
    – Cut isn’t mtb specific so can ride up a bit on the lower back


    Any one use a Rab Spark jacket for MTB use?
    If so how do you rate it.
    Was looking at a Gore Alp X GT but rather expensive.


    I got one back in feb. The cut is not really good for MTB rubs on chin hood flaps around if not secured down and mine leaked like a sieve during my 6 / 7 hr training rides. Maybe I got a dud !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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