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  • R.I.P Janice Long
  • Premier Icon dirkpitt74
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    Haven’t noticed a thread on this:

    66 is no age really.
    Remember her on Radio 1 and TOTP from my younger years.
    Recently been listening to her shows on Greatest Hits Radio.

    Premier Icon jamj1974
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    She was great.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    Hadn’t really grasped what a pioneer she was.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop
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    What a lady. She was one of the first female DJs of the 20th century to have a regular show on popular radio. She championed unknown artists (eg Frankie Goes to Hollywood).
    Very likeable and knew her stuff.
    Yes 66 is no age at all, probably only just got her pension.

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    Chris Hawkins did quite a moving tribute to her on 6 this morning.
    The show is a tribute to her tomorrow too.

    Premier Icon welshfarmer
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    Very sad news. She could be relied on to play some top tunes. I used to reluctantly make the conscious decision to turn the radio off before her midnight session, since once it started I would be unable to switch off as it was so good, and I would get no sleep.

    Premier Icon Kuco
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    I never realised till reading about her death that Keith Chegwin was her brother.

    Premier Icon squirrelking
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    I used to reluctantly make the conscious decision to turn the radio off before her midnight session

    Oh THAT’S who she was! I knew the name but couldn’t place her. Used to listen to her when I was out in the van doing midnight rounds, as said she did a good show.


    Premier Icon alanl
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    I remember her shows well, Radio 1, 7 till 9, or maybe 8 to 10?
    She did the quite funny talk with Jon Walters each week, where they just talked about anything, and it was usually entertaining.She used to play a lot of good stuff that we liked at the time (Siouxsie, Sisters etc), but also played some truly awful stuff. One that stood out, I remember she absolutely loved Blacks ‘Wonderful Life’, I found it dull as ditchwater on a January morning. Then she got pregnant, and found the BBC wouldnt employ her when she wanted to come back after having the baby. The BBC , especially Radio, was really shite then in their attitudes. That was the era when another woman DJ was presenting a show, and one of the ‘big hitter DJs’ came up behind her and fondled her breasts while she was talking on air. Oh, how they must have laughed.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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