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  • Quite within my rights or just taking the p!ss?
  • don simon

    Just put a couple of 1 gallon cans in the car and fill them up each week until you accumulate enough for the trip. Over a period of months nobody is going to notice. Come trip time, Bob’s your Uncle and you’re in the clear.

    Hob Nob

    In the past, i’ve always done this. Company car, with privae usage & fuel.

    I paid (a hell of a lot of) tax on it, so damn right i’m going to use it. I did clarify Euro use (insurance) and fuel though, as obviously I wanted to be covered.

    My boss told me to use my fuel card in the UK & put any fuel on my company card when in Europe.

    In hindsight, I wouldn’t expect it any other way.

    Premier Icon Pook

    Fish pie, fish pie, fish pie!


    My wife is extremely nice.

    I can’t disagree with you on that. 😉


    Friend did this last year, was within his benefits to pay for fuel to the alps, and his card worked abroad. On the insurance front, only he was able to drive though which was a bit of a pain.


    only he was able to drive though which was a bit of a pain.

    Ah yes, this…

    And grow up M_F – totally uncalled for.


    It will depend upon each individual companies “fair use policy”

    If one of my employees did this to me I would feel inclined to locate it on the tracker fly out there with the spare key and bring it back.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Seems fair. Would it be taking the piss to drive to Scotland? It’s nearly as far to fort William from Devon as it is to the alps.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    As people are obviously not reading: He’s asked his employers, they’ve said it’s fine.

    He’s not working for you and he’s not driving your vans, so relax!


    If I were your boss: On handing you your P45, I’d advise you that your far more suited to the public sector. 😉


    Personally, I never had a problem with filling up in the UK on the fuelcard and paying for my own fuel on the continent while on holiday.

    But I am not a chiseller. I take statements like ‘reasonable use’ to mean, well, be reasonable.

    Oh and mastiles_fanylion… you’ll leave me with no choice but to provide you with a knuckle sandwich.



    Its a decent thing of the company in this current climate, especially given the price of fuel.

    I suppose the cost will be pased onto the customer 😉

    You did the right thing though IMO asking the gaffer!

    Berm Bandit

    You need the vehicle owners permission in writing to take the vehicle out of the country. I’m guessing at that point the fuel issue will be addressed anyway.

    Personal opinion if you have to ask on here you already know the answer. Its the one with the “P” in it.


    Seems fair to me, personal use would cover holiday driving unless it was specifically excluded. Clearly sensible to check, and your boss gets to prove he’s a decent bloke:)

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