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  • Quite possibly the best headline ever
  • auldy

    Not a pleasant way to go – I assume being from the Newcastle area he would have been wearing a Toon Army shirt at the time . . .


    hope he was using KY jelly – otherwise that would’ve hurt

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    “A camp source said….”

    did he say it in a Larry Grayson voice?


    That’s nice – the British press making a joke out of the death of someone’s brother/dad/son/husband.

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    Can’t see fotopic at work. What’s it say?

    i wonder how the zebra got his pants down ??


    a geordie dressed in a newcastle shirt (probably) was mistaken for a female zebra by a male one and died of injuries to his back, kneck and rectum
    sensitive headline is
    safari brit bummed to death by zebra

    Was it it the Times :roll:?

    The best headline ever

    There is no way on earth that is a genuine article – what newspaper (apart from the Sport then it wouldn’t actually be true anyway) would run a headline with ‘bummed’ in it. FFS


    Apparently it’s from the South African Sun . . .

    Apparently it’s from the South African Sun . . .

    yeah, right, and not just made up at all 😐

    Super Caley go ballistic , Celtic are atrocious
    From Scottish football when Inverness Caledonian thistle beat Celtic


    Much as I dislike the Sun, their classic ‘Stick it up your junta’ during the Falklands was pretty good.


    More likely it was Barrymore in a stripy shirt.

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    Why go to all the trouble of making such a convincing looking story and then blow your credibility by putting “bummed” in the headline?

    The best real headline ever was that story about Jimi Hendrix pretending to be gay and fancying his room-mate to get out of the army.

    “Excuse me while I kiss this guy”

    I won Press Gazette headline of the week (or month) for that.


Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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