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  • Quite possi ly my best day ever.
  • oceanskipper
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    OP you clearly have anger management issues…

    I’m assuming that was tongue in cheek so here’s a tongue in cheek response – The issue being that he got angry, dealt with some scrote who knicked his bike and then stopped being angry and went home. Result! 👍😎

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    Im looking forward to seeing the cctv on the front page of the daily mail 😂

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    Good man.

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    People should be allowed to have nice things and use them for their intended purpose, without having to constantly compromise just to avoid it being stolen or damaged.
    You can argue about criminal activity being a product of society breakdown, we’re all victims etc etc, but hopefully getting caught with a good smack will make that scrote think twice.

    There’s me thinking Farham was far too civilised for such things.

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    OP you clearly have anger management issues…

    Looks like we all do when it comes to our bikes being nicked. 🤬😊

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    Hero !!

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    Well done OP. You managed a potentially unpleasant situation very well.

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    Yes, I’ve known that feeling and there’s not much to top it. Well done 🙂

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    Given it was a single strike, I think “anger management” couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Well done that man. Sounds like reasonable force to me.

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    Brilliant. Effective, immediate, appropriate. Chapeau!

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    Immediate justice dispensed = like button hit.
    Years ago when I had a Raleigh racer (I were right about that saddle though…) nicked and found it padlocked outside a shop (definitely mine, stickers etc) the rozzers couldn’t give a toss. Should’ve done as the OP.

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    Awesome, I’d have done pay-per-view to see this :o)

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    Glad to hear the bike was recovered. I had a bike nicked while locked in front of Farnham station. It was directly in front of the CCTV cameras which when the police investigated they found that CCTV didn’t work!

    This story reminds me of when I was a teenager and had my bike nicked from in front of a friend’s house. A few days later, said friend turned up at my place with my bike. Apparently he’d been walking down the road saw someone else riding my bike, pushed them off it, hopped on and brought it to me. Luckily he correctly recognised it!

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    Excellent work! I reckon the OP’s anger management was spot on.

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    It’s at this point Eddiebaby goes and checks the bike and sees that it’s actually a bike that just looks a bit like the one that was nicked…

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    There’s me thinking Farnham was far too civilised for such things.

    South Farnham, sure. But ‘North Farnham’ is lawless bandit country 😉

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    Good work sir. Just a pity it’s necessary sometimes.

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    I just give up


    kick the shit out his knee and when he drops I get on the train with my bike and head home.


Viewing 18 posts - 41 through 58 (of 58 total)

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