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  • Premier Icon ton

    printing and writing boolax on here allday….. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Printing-bitch is one step up from tea-bitch think yourself lucky.

    they would make me get the tea, but theres no kettle in here, we’re contracting to an Indian company so no perks at all!

    aggggg, boss is now acting like ive done it wrong

    how the fek can i get printing wrong?

    you either tell me to print the right documents, or you dont, there is no way i can possibly missinterperet the instruction print XYZ, i’m right, unless the instruction to print XYZ was wrong, in which case its your fault.

    p.s. he talks like Mr Bean and picks his nose.


    No kettle!

    I’d be out the door now. Recession or no recession.


    What’s work?

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Ah, disillusioned graduate discovers the post of gold was a sack of sh1te all along….

    Premier Icon guido

    Did you expect them all to pray to the graduate???
    Get real – this is work.

    Process Engineering Design Contractor, mainly building refinaries and the like.

    Premier Icon dave360

    No kettle! You’ll be dissapointed when you finally get to the post office then.


    Lets get this straight, your paid “well” to do very easy tasks. The problem is?

    no, everyone here’s a graduate (most of them go on about the good old days when engineers did all their work by hand, not in excel)

    there is indeed a pot of gold (not Shell/BP money, but good enough), but the work is slowly doing my nutt in!

    Lets get this straight, your paid “well” to do very easy tasks. The problem is?

    thats exactly it, but fun as it sounds, hitting print 100’s of times a day gets reppetative after a while.

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Jeeze, there’s a ‘kid’ here really getting on our nerves. All ‘la di daa’ ‘cos he’s been to ‘uni’. Thinks he can stroll in here and take all the interesting jobs it’s taken us 20 years to get to. Well, he can stuff it if he thinks he’s gonna come in and take his pick. The only way we can keep the little fecker quiet is to make him print stuff all day and he can’t even get that right!


    if there wasn’t a smiley there i’d walk over and punch my boss, just to be sure it wasn’t you!

    Premier Icon guido

    We get lots of recent grads thinking they know it all and are to good for filing etc. It useally takes them about 3 months to actually realize that uni is not a good preparation for a profession and they dont know as much as they think – they then generally shut up.
    I was one of these ‘back in the day’ as well i have to admit.



    What degree do you have and what is the job you think you applied for? Just out of interest.

    yea, been here 6 months now. Maybe I shouldn’t expect to be doing anything more advanced than what I learnt in Pimary school (in fact BBC micro’s were probably harder to print from!)

    Degree: Chemical Engineering and Chemistry MEng

    Job: Graduate Process Engineer (at an Engineering Design Contractor)


    Did the “process” part of the job description not give you a clue? ๐Ÿ™„

    I to am an admin bitch, get used to it and live for the weekends!

    wow, printing, i’m so jealous. my first job after getting my post graduate diploma in IT was driving a fruit and veg lorry.

    hmmm, on second thoughts…….

    I think you missunderstand what a process engineer is?

    I’ll keep it simple, mechanical engineers make things, process(or chemical) engineers make ‘stuff’ (toothpaste, chocolate, oil etc)


    Ah right – so a “thing” is different to “stuff”. Gotcha.

    In your early years you were more into playdough than mechanno or lego.

    I’ve spent 4 years at uni, doing a degree so i could do this job, but all I get feking given is printing! Can you print these, can you print those, yada yada yada yada!

    Half the stuff doesnt exist, for which I seem to get blamed, despite all you’ve given me to do is feking print it.

    give me a break, the office is busy enough, there must be soemething more interesting than pringing FFS.

    If it wasn’t so well paid, and there wasn’t a recession on I’d quit.


    To be honest Spoon i would just crack on and take it. I’ve known grads in far worse situations than you.

    BTW That habbit of talking “down” to “people” will get you far ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Printing is a process, you are both a graduate and an engineer – what more do you want. And everyone’s an Engineer these days anyway.
    Driving a fruit and veg van – now that is a proper job!


    lol @ simon ralli

    Premier Icon nickc




    Well I have a much underused degree in Psychology ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you tell?


    thisisnotaspoon – I do feel for you, most of work can be pretty boring but it does get better once they let you get you paws into a major project. When you have signed of your first job and it’s all going wrong in the Yemen (or similar) and it’s your design work so you have to go and help put it right, printing will seem pretty good work. Have a look at some of the old guys round your office. You know the who they are “been there seen it dome it all”, there not sixty there only forty five. Sitting round a table 200 miles west of East Jesus while 20 engineers form the customer wait for you to explain why it ain’t working, ages you. Good luck to you for being an engineer.


    That sucks, My first day on a graduate job I was asked to work out the production yield for that factory and come up with some ideas to improve it.

    Did do some mundane jobs as well but you need to understand how things work before you can actively contribute to them.


    Bloody graduates ruinin’ prospects.
    What I wouldn’t give just to be allowed to do a bit of printing.
    10 years I’ve been ‘ere and I’m still only allowed to stare blankly at broken fax machines.
    Comin’ in ‘ere with their bloody diplomas.
    “Laah Dee Dah I’ve got a diploma printings not good enough for me.”

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    Hardly the brightest idea to post this on a public forum. If someone at the company saw this it would be a doddle to work out who you are (the new graduate employee who rides mountain bikes and is given the printing to do), and in fact if you worked for me and had written this during work hours you’d be looking for another job right now.

    “But I didn’t write the company name!”, you might say – well, you’ve given out more than enough information for someone who works at the company to recognise you.

    You could do to be a bit more grateful that you have a job at all; there are a lot of highly qualified people out there struggling to find work that will even cover their mortgage, let alone other bills.


    Just wait till you show some initiative and get yourself into a proper job.

    Not showing any initiative? aaah….

    If you’re taking all the printing jobs you’re given and just doing that and nothing else then you’re just another grad with attitude. Got to shine. Show an interest in the business, ask those doing the cool work about their roles, find out about how things work in the company and learn from people who have plenty of experience. Put in extra time to get involved. Identify areas of improvement and create plans to make things better. Take them to the appropriate people. Even if they’re not accepted you’ll be showing you’re wasted where you are and can be utilised to better effect.

    You’re a graduate, you must be really bright and enterprising…..

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