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    I've spent about the last 4 weeks failing miserably to source a new schrader valve for my rear shock and refuse to pay £80 for a shock service just to have a new 50p valve put in when new shocks can be had for around £100.

    The shock is an X-Fusion 02RC fitted to a Specialized FSR XC. According to the Specialized site it's 7.5" length with 1.75" stroke/travel. I make that 190mm by 45mm. I can't see anything else in that size but can see lots of 190mm x 50mm shocks about. What's the upshot of using a shock with 5 mm more stroke?

    Is the shock travel to wheel travel ratio linear or does it change towards the end of travel? If linear then it looks like 120mm goes up to about 133mm with a 50mm shock, but I fear I'm over simplyfying things…?

    What other things should I be worried about? BB height? Corresponding fork travel (currently 120mm)?

    Ideally I'd like not to have to replace the shock, but I'm just considering my options


    The 190×50 wont effect your bb height at all but you might bottom the frame out (rather than the shock) running the extra stroke. Try removing the shock and then compress the frame until it bottoms out then measure the gap eye to eye, while you are at it also measure the eye to eye when the frame is topped out (more on this later). If the i2i when the frame is bottomed out is 140 or less then the 190×50 wont work. If this is the case you will need a 200×50 but for this you need to know what the frame tops out at if 255 or less then its a no go but if is greater then the shock will fit.

    A 200×50 will raise the back end by 10mm but with the extra sag you will be running (assuming you will be running the same % of sag) you probably wont even notice it.

    mr frosty

    Can get a fox 190x50mm and get the stroke reduced, which mojo can do. But only RP23's come in that lenght, very good shock but not much change out of £300 new. Very nice upgrade thou

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    But only RP23's come in that length

    And this one…


    When I bought a frame with a knackered shock recently it had a 195×50 as standard. I've used both 190×50 (one of those RP2's from CRC) and 200×50 (a coil Vanilla with pro-pedal that was cheap used) and both seem to work fine. I'm assuming there is some geometry difference between one or the other but I can't tell in use (although I can tell the difference between coil and air).

    From that I reckon the geometry changes are't likely to be an issue on your bike, so it's probably just the potential issue with bottoming out the frame before the shock to check out.

    The RP2 that CRC are selling for £100 is quite an impressive bit of kit in use – it does a great job of removing bob with the pro-pedal on. If you want to spend less there also seem to be loads of 190×50 or 200×50 shocks on Ebay, often quite cheap for the non-Fox ones.

    mr frosty

    Jase thay'll be an O.E one then so no fox warranty. Could buy that and get it reduced and it would still be a cheap good shock.


    Whats wrong with the schraeder valve? is it the external threads or is it just leaking air from the core?

    If it's just the core leaking air then buy yourself a valve core remover £3.99 from halfrauds (or elsewhere) and take the core from a schraeder valved innertube !

    It's been fine in my Fox float ava shock for the last 6 months , no air leakage at all.

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