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  • Quick redundency interview check please
  • A) Do they need to tell me the criteria they are using before the interview?

    B) If so, how long before?

    C) Actual hours of working hours?


    A) No
    B) N/A
    C) ?

    A) Just been told I am being assessed at 9am.
    B) So I find out how they have decided to get rid of me when I walk in
    C) 12 actual hours, 0 working hours but kind of irrelevent given A


    Still no idea what C) refers to…

    Ah – I see what you mean..

    druidh – Our software does time critical reporting. Working hours and realhours have great importance. I guess I am still tuned to the job.

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    a) No, but you’re allowed to ask to see them and the points score that you’ve been given once you’re in there.

    Make sure there is a work colleague with you
    Take your time answering any questions
    Take notes
    Request to see a copy of the notes that they make during the meeting (if they aren’t taking notes, they damn well should be!)
    Stay calm
    Good luck

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    You do need to know the criteria being used to make redundancy decisions. If this is a first meeting this will be discussed. If you are beyond this point then best practice is not being followed. Lawyer up if this is the case, you are allowed anyone within reason to accompany you take the lawyer. Shorthand notes should be taken for completeness otherwise a copy of the contemporaneous notes should be given to you mistakes and all. Any interpretation should be on separate cover.
    Good luck

    Premier Icon Andy

    Yikes! Good luck tomorrow chap…


    you are allowed anyone within reason to accompany you take the lawyer

    You’ll be lucky to be able to take a lawyer in

    All the places I’ve worked it was only a work mate or union rep

    So given that the meeting is likely to be on Costas at the M4 services recording the interview might be good?

    Premier Icon Andy

    Or have someone at an adjacent table…(which costas, what time 😉 ?)

    Premier Icon NZCol

    They are seriously going to give you a redundancy interview in a coffee shop on the M4 ? Do you actually have to work for them ? Oh, are you a Barista ?


    Don’t arrive in the company car – just in case they ask for the keys there and then.

    But in all seriousness – good luck and I hope it all turns out well


    Good luck
    Don’t understand why people should be even suggesting lawyers at this stage
    Just find out what they have to say and what criteria are being used
    If this is the first stage it should cover the fact that your position is at risk and you will then have time to put forward alternative options for them to consider.

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    Don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat anything that you are uncertain of or anything that is unclear. Even if you think it’s coming, your mind will be racing and going into survival mode. There will be a lot to take in and they may use terms that are unfamilier to you esp’ Consultancy rather then Redundancy (which you may be expecting).
    This is your best chance to explore everything that they have to say and you may have nothing to lose either. You will have their undivided attention – maybe for the last time.

    They may be looking for you to contribute to the outcome; Is there anything that you would consider doing to avoid or delay their decision? You may consider offering to work fewer hours or part time to fulfil current obligations until the current situation improves if it means that you maintain your salary.

    Good luck, stay positive, treat it almost like an interview and leave a favourable impression. Do not be tempted to say something that you’ll later regret.


    I hope they make the right choice and keep you. If not you will find a job easily enough. I know you will.

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    Can’t help with any answers, but good luck.

    Oh, and go to bed NOW don’t stay up on here all night first!

    Best of luck, but dont stress it. I know its not a great time to look for work, but sometimes these shake ups can drive you on to greater, better and different things.
    I know people who have lost jobs they hated (and instinctively fought to keep the hated job) and gone on to do what they actually want to do, rather than what they ended up with previously.
    If it was me… I would be tempted to take the money and ride into the sunset….
    Sincerely, best of luck


    A) No.
    B) No.
    C) You’re buggered.

    Friend at London Canary Wharf got it last November 2008 with one of the big 4 accounting firm. Was made redundant by some silly measuring technique. Friend knew the financial tsunami was coming even before all this economy problem …

    Try your best to overturn whatever negative outcome you will get but put it this way … they are merciless.


    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Good luck for this morning WCA!


    All fingers crossed mate!



    SHHHH! They’re talking now!

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    There was a case recently about the extent to which, in employment related matters, the “friend” one takes in to a meeting (not nec red related) can be a lawyer. Decision was that it couldn’t be.

    And, besides would you really want to shell out the best part of a grand if you’re to be told that you’re not “at risk”.

    At my place – a law firm – they use scripts. They say nothing other than what’s on the script. And they still manage to f*** it up.

    Good luck WCA!


    At my last place I was “managed out”. Got a phone call to fix up a meeting, then went in with my union rep. Everything said to me both on the phone and in interview was read off a script, presumably after being vetted by the lawyers. Boss had been briefed as to replies to give, and there was no real room for debate. Meeting was on Valentine’s Day, snd the only concession I got was to allow me to leave on April 6 – the new tax year, so that I could reduce any tax liabilities on my payout.

    Everything was so well prepared that I had no real negotiating position; I wanted out anyway, but they didn’t know that!

    They are talking about possible temporary job share. more details when I know

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    ‘possible temporary job share’

    Is that a different way of saying we will keep you both on, but at reduced hours / pay?

    Reduced pay and reduced days.

    Just had the formal meeting and it was discussed. Decision to be made next Friday

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    More trailbuilding at Lordswood then WCA! Seriously, I do hope things won’t be as bad you feared. Stay optimistic.

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