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  • anus

    Have had these brakes for a while and with the back brake it had always seemed to be the case that when you pull the lever the first pull is almost to the bar and very weak but the second pull is perfect and sharp, meaning I have to keep dabbing it all the way down so.that it is primed in case I need to break hard.

    I tried for the first time ever to bleed them the other day to see if that helped (plus I had lost a load of fluid out of the front one), the front one was a ‘ great success!’ however the rear has stayed the same, this could be due to my novice brake bleeding skills.

    any suggestions?

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    That does sound like a pretty standard bad bleed tbh but it could be a small leak past the piston seal.


    I’ve had the same problem with my zees. I bled the rear from the caliper to the lever and it solved the problem.


    Sounds like it needs a good bleed from caliper to master.

    I found you get a better bleed by removing the caliper and hoses, letting it hang from the bars, so you have a really good clear path for bubbles to pass.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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