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  • Quick bottom bracket question – Shimano cup size/tool changed?
  • Premier Icon midlifecrashes
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    Narrowed down the noise to the BB (I think), it’s a SM-BB70, old model XT?

    Looking at current XT, MT800, the cups look smaller overall. Is the tool the same? If not, is it worth changing to new standard or should I buy a third party version from Uberbike or somebody?

    Premier Icon tjagain
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    it is a different size but when I bought a new BB I got the adapter with it to fit the old tool to the new cups

    Premier Icon wheelsonfire1
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    As above, the later road and MTB higher end bottom brackets are supplied with a plastic adapter that fits inside the original tool – if from a reputable dealer!

    Premier Icon bigyan
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    Shimano now have 3 “standard” hollow tech BB cup sizes;

    16 notch 44mm Older hollowtech
    16 notch 41mm “New” Ultegra 6800, MT-800
    16 notch 39mm “New” XTR, Dura Ace

    Some of them also fit mid drive lockrings, some STEPS etc

    Its annoying.

    Premier Icon Tim
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    You get an adaptor with them so it doesn’t really matter

    Premier Icon kerley
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    Watch out if you are hamfisted and the bottom bracket is very tight in the frame as they are made of plastic and can split. Yes I am hamfisted.

    Premier Icon coynie09
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    Was looking for a bottom bracket myself a couple of weeks back looked at the XT 8000 but most didn’t supply the adaptor you had to buy separate (£5 for a piece of plastic) so just got one from Uberbike & you can replace the bearings…

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