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  • Wozza

    Mate of mine had the new model Turbo Diesel Astra as a hire car while his Golf was being fixed.

    He started off saying he liked it but gradually it ground him down and he eventually couldn’t wait to get the golf back. It was things like the drive quality and the doors despite looking substantial feeling crappy when he opened them, overall cheap feeling he said.

    If the seat is built like the golf i personally would go for that over what eventually ended up as the “gash-tra”


    My Mrs bought an Astra 1.6 Turbo (180ps) last year, they go for buttons secondhand (£8K for nearly new with less than 10K on the clock), it’s been great to drive, no problems and it’s pretty quick, does 35mpg without trying. I don’t like the ergonomics much, but overall I think it’s pretty good.


    So i have to make a decision on our motability renewal asap.

    have narrowed it down to the Seat leon 1.6 emocion, and the astra 1.6 sport hatch design.

    I thought it was a done deal till i drove the astra and was surprised by how much i like it.

    Anyone know what the actual average mpg figures are for both this will hwlp me choose?

    other things to compare……………

    astra is alegedly 43.6 mpg, the leon 37.2mpg

    the astra is £0 deposit, the leon £299

    the astra 0-60 is 10.8, and top speed 120mph, 115ps

    the leon 11.6 and 114mph, 102ps

    astra lighter and slightly smaller (which i like)

    leon feels much more expensive inside, feels more solid better made, less “work van”, and is slightly more comfy

    Leon is a bit better looking, and is less common

    I am really struggling to justify the leon, anyone help?


    anyone got accurate fuel ecconomy stats for either the astra 1.6 sports hatch or the leon 1.6?


    I remember the older Leon having poor rear visibility (when reversing into tight-spaces etc). I had an astra diesel…much admired by OAPs

    Premier Icon orena45

    I’ve got a 5dr Asta SXi, typically get just over 40mpg on motorway drives and around 37mpg with a mix of motorway and town driving – I am generally light on the accelerator tho!


    FWIW, most people who drive Leons look like ****.


    My mate drives a Leon between Dublin and Warsaw at least once a week, a return journey of some 3000+ miles. No complaints ever. He also did it in a Focus (a new one) amd said it was nice but boring. When I offered to give him my 1999 Pug 406 in exchange he was vulgar beyond limits of an average plumber.
    I drove it and I drove Astra last Winter, Seat much nicer.


    i got an 09 diesel astra hatch company car, i cant get anywhere close to the mpg figures quoted, sometimes i drive fast sometimes slow but i would view the economy figures as best possible achivable driving slowwww.

    at first its very ordinary, doesnt really stand out or do anything amazing, but its a grower as it doesnt really do anything badly either.

    I’m sure Massa and John J Rambo would find it BORING

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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