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  • Question regarding home phone packages?
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    All in one package with Sky or other provider, I use BT all in one package it’s excellent.

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    Local Loop unBundling, If you’re exchange has had this sorted out then you can go to a separate supplier like Sky or talk talk.


    Talk talk are cheap, but be warned if you need to sort out any issues, you need patience and lots of it.

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    Avoid Talk Talk unless you want to be posting on here asking why your connection has gone slow.


    Hi All,

    I’m a bit confused but that’s not really that hard to do, but!!!!
    My neighbour has told me that she does not pay anything to BT, even line rental that I do! Mine is going up to £48 per quarter! She is with Sky and gets broadband, phone, tv etc for £20 ish per month. I on the other hand pay the BT quarterly line rental, £48 and pay AOL for my broadband, around £10 per month. I suppose what I’m wanting to know is,
    How can I drop the BT line rental, saving the line rental and still get broadband, free home calls etc. What are my options?

    Thanks and sorry for sounding thick.

    You’ll still pay line rental, just to someone else and perhaps a bit cheaper because they have their own equipment in the exchange. Some of this will end up back in the same place…renting/maintaining your phone line!

    Cable broadband is an option if you have it in your area. No need for a phone line at all.


    They still pay line rental, even with sky or whoever else for that matter, costs about £15 a month. The only way of not paying line rental is if you have cable like Virgin but their pices are so high there is no savings


    Gone with EE as an existing customer – £2.50 for BB and £11 for phone line

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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