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  • njcisca

    Just wanted to ask if any other Pro 6 users have experienced a similar issue to me.
    I’m using Mavic Speedcity wheels and found the rotor bolts rubbed badly against the inside of the fork. I had to space out my front hub with a washer and file down the bolts to achieve any clearance. However doing this brought the brake caliper too close to the spokes.
    Thinking it was a bad wheel/fork combination I got my LBS to try a number of different wheels, disks and bolts but all of them hit the fork too.
    I got in touch with Kinesis who pinned the blame on the bolts but very kindly sent me another fork out and a set of bolts. The new fork seems to have slightly more clearance but I still have to use a washer and file the bolts down to avoid contact. All very strange and getting a bit frustrating now.
    I wondered what wheels other people are using on the front? Maybe it is the Mavics? I guess a centrelock hub would solve it but surely a 6 bolt wheel should be fine.


    Might just be the mavics. I have masses of clearance using hope hubs.

    I do however have the problem you describe on my pompetamine and it is a pain as i spent a while trying to find bolts to make it work. Centrelock was the recommendation but they you are stuck with shimano hubs pretty much.


    two sets of wheels here and no problems – one set off a cotic X (2nd hand unused from here) which seem to have cotic branded hubs and a set with sram X9 hubs and lightweight rotors which I fitted with the bolts that came with them – no problems with either and swop over without any caliper fiddling
    sounds like kinesis are being helpful – trust you can get sorted and can enjoy the bike


    No probs here with novatec hubs. I’ve had a hope in also with no issues.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    No problems with hope hubs here


    No probs with Hope hubs here


    Again, no problems with hope


    Thanks for all your replies. My thought was also that the Mavics were the cause although I might also have been unlucky with a slight manufacturing fault on my first set of forks.
    I might go back to the LBS with this new set of forks to see if other wheels clear them now. Damn really can’t afford new wheels right now..!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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