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  • Question for Garmin Dakota 20 owners?
  • Mark78

    I've got an Oregon rather than the Dakota, I went for that as I've been using my mobile with memory map installed fr a number of years.

    I decided to change as the phones weren't waterproof and died fairly regularly, plus the battery life wasn't great with the GPS.

    I haven't fitted the unit on to the bars as I crash a bit and worried about breaking it (Although the unit does seem fairly tough).

    You can't put memory map maps on to the Garmin device so you'll need maps. I got the Discovered GB Full in a bundle, some will point out that you can put other maps on, which is true. However I ride all over the place so having the UK in full is great.

    The good things I have found are; battery life (more than 13 hours while out riding on rechargeables), uses AA batteries, so you can easily pick up some from a local shop, GPS al the time (mobile wouldn't last too long with it on), and its waterproof & tough.

    I wouldn't say its a direct replacement for your 205, more of a replacement of the map and compass for the majority of rides.

    Oh one other thing, memory map can talk to the unit just as it can with your 205.

    Premier Icon Andy

    Ah brilliant thanks! (Oops sent to quick). Sounds like your usage is exactly what I want it for.


    I have à Dakota 20. Great. Free Maps using mobile maps creator which is à free app that captures the map tiles fr.o.m. Say multimap the converts them to an imAge overlay map that loads into the gps and Google maps. The one off button is not that great though and failed after à month. I could not find anyone else WHO had the same problem so hopefully it was à one off. Altitude measurement seems to be way out though. Not sure why but the track on say mapmyride says 400m but 1000m on the unit. Maybe the gps is picking up all the small changes that are flattened on à map.

    Premier Icon Andy


    Thinking of getting a more snazzy GPS over my 205 and have been looking at the Garmin Dakota series.

    Does anyone have one of these and what do you think please?

    Also would I need to get the GB Discoverer maps or could I load the (old) v5 version of Memory map onto it?



    I thought through this same dilema for ages – weighed up between the Oregon 400t, Dakota 20, new Lowarance Endura and the Satmap Active 10.

    I plummed for the Satmap – got a Northern England 1:50k map for £40 and it's been perfect.

    Very accurate altitude readings from GPS – usually within a few metres of the 1:25k I still carry.

    They are quite big but that means you have a useful size map. The bike mount is great and mounts very securely on stem, bars or top tube

    Premier Icon Andy

    LOL yes this dilema has also been going round my head for ages too. The satmap looks good but I do have loyalty to Garmin as their kit and customer service has always been excellent in the past.


    These guys are releasing the Lowrance Endura with their software on it. Lowrance are big in the sailing industry apparently and are spreading out into the dry land industry so to speak!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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