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  • question for Dt 5.1d owners?
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    have these rims on both my bikes,whenever they get wet riding or i wash the bikes the following day i get a white powdery residue around the valve hole and spoke holes, anybody else have the same prob?

    Er, nope, but then they don’t get washed that often …

    Have you talced the tubes?

    Premier Icon gamo

    they are set up tubeless, just worried that they are corroding on the inside.

    Well they are ally – so you shouldn’t get that much ally oxide ablating from inside.

    Pity they are tubeless, it would be a pain to whip the tyres off and have a look how much dust was in the rim.


    Perhaps it’s a bit os sealant leaking and then drying and turning powdery in the air ❓

    I never had this issue with mine, but then again I run with tubes


    Nope no probs here. Had mine for about 4 months with no probs – what cleaner are you using – I use fenwicks conc- diluted. I sometimes get a residue on my old mavics as they are now no longer shiny – matt d.t. wear?


    Not unique to 5.1 rims. My DT E540 rims are the same. I noticed a strange rattling noise when spinning the wheels in the work stand.

    Took tyres, tubes and rim strip off and shook the rim, loads of tiny ball bearing sized bits fell out!! I was able to crush them between my fingers. They appeared to be made from some kind of powder!???


    Mine are fine 1 year on, they appear to be painted not anodised, (on the outside at least!) so corrosion may be taking place on the inside faces if they are constantly wet. I shouldn’t worry too much you can make an awful lot of Aluminum Oxide ( which happens instantly on bare ali, even in air) before your rim will turn to dust.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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