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    Why would it not be true? Looks fine for that stuff to me.

    I’m sure it would be fine for light offroad – there are a few blogs and videos online of people doing mad stuff on them.

    Just a thought though – what about converting your 29er to an XtraCycle? The benefits of a Big Dummy but you’d still have the option of breaking it down to a SWB version if you wanted to tackle anything a bit more challenging offroad.

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    I’m seriously toying with the idea (i.e. dreaming for well over a year now) of getting a Surly Big Dummy if I can find one in my size.

    Problem is I’ve only got room and permission for two bikes, so would have to sell my 29er to fund it (the other is a cross bike)

    I ride a lot round town/tarmac but do ‘just-about-once-a-week-if-it’s-nice’ xc ride locally is mostly double track and field edge single-and-a-half-track that you get round here.

    I’ve seen blogs/blurbs saying you can take all the gubbins off the back and it’ll do some light XC .. is this true, I understand it’ll handle slightly different and yes it’s heavier but my current 29er weighs 31 lbs anyway.

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    I’d looked at the Xtracycle .. and considered the swap scenario, but I think there’s quite a lot to do there for swapsies i.e. 20 mins plus and not sure I’d want the faff factor

    I always appreciate tidier solutions too, so would still lean towards the Dummy

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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