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    This sort of thing:

    There’s a lot of them so you’ll need a few more details about the spec. I suspect there are quite a few that’ll do the job but from an H&S point of view you probably need the right one for the machine. No numbers on it anywhere?

    RS sensors


    That’s going to be really tricky as there are lots of different types, does it not have a tag on it to tell you voltage etc. Without that you’ll struggle. Who was the manufacturer? And do you have the part number?, also how many wires does it have and what colour, I assume you don’t have the wiring schematics?. As much info as possible would help. BTW you don’t need to use the original manufacturers parts unless they are really obscure.

    Probably a bog standard proximity sensor , loads available through RS but you pay through the nose!

    nickjb That looks exactly like it .
    They are welded into a socket and removal = destruction to get the part no’s .
    I know its 24V thats about all . Annnoyingly i designed the machine and got it built , but didnt ask for a wiring diagram .
    Really need to have a spare as cant afford any downtime , the Mitsi PLC unit isnt ‘seeing’ the sensor all the time and its enfuriating.
    If i get one then i can get it swapped out to remove the sensor from the list of potential problems

    Got a problem at work and need to source a part from RS but I dont know what Im after exactly.

    Basically its a IR safety lamp with a converging beam. AA battery sized or so . When the lamp isnt covered the machine locks out in safety mode. Bring anything reflective within 4″ and the beam is broken and the machine will allow the start button to be pressed.

    IP66 rated , threaded maybe 4″ long . Red top with 2 distinct lenses inside. Not sure on output as its in a loom.

    Any ideas? Manufacturer gone bust , and no doc’s to look at either.


    If you are running it into a Mitsubishi plc then you should be able to find out what the signal requirement is for the io card and then work it back from there, then just buy the one that will physically fit.


    Proximity switches. Try Omron for help.

    So if i get the serial number of the PLC chances are there will be a pdf online that will give me the numbers?
    Or is there likely to be a pdf for each piggy backed IO unit .

    There are 5 in a line and any one not covered = no pump start as the pump will soak everything within 2 meters with hot caustic solution.

    Got an RS depot about 20 mins away , so maybe Monday will bite the bullet and strip the sensor out and see how i get on . Would rather have the change part in my hand first though as need the thing working tuesday.

    Standard Proximity switch. If you replace it make sure its replaced with one with the same operating range

    Premier Icon nickjb

    The RS trade counters hardly carry any stock so taking it in won’t really help. Looking at the pic I posted above there is a label wrapped around the end. That should have some numbers on it.


    To be honest I’ve mostly used Siemens s7 but its much the same and you should be able to get the PDFs for what you need online. Do you know the sensor manufacturer? If you call Omron, telemechanique etc they probably can give you advice, its unlikely that you’ll do any damage by putting in a “similar” part but it may not work (happened too many times to me!!). Oh and on some types they print the part numbers on the cable so its worth a look if possible.


    Try these, very helpful IME.

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