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  • Question about fork sag for a skinny runt ?
  • LoCo

    If they’re new they may bed in and become smoother allowing you to run more pressure.
    If they’re diving that badly under braking I’d run more pressure and set the sag stood on the pedals not sat down, in you kind of ‘attack’ ( 😕 ) position.
    Other options are lighter weight fork oil a mix to lower weight slighlty as 5 would be too little.

    Are you checking the sag when in ‘attack’ position or when seated?


    I asked a similar question recently, and got some good responses.

    I’ve been experimenting since. For what it’s worth, I found that I preferred a softer spring than I used to have in the forks for most of my riding. However, on days where I knew I was going to be pushing myself a little more on bigger terrain and specifically, jumps and drops, I wanted to go back to a more firm spring, as Skyline-GTR’s response in my thread suggested.

    I can only advocate doing the same really, play with your set up until you feel as though you have it right for your style of riding. In doing so, I’ve found that I’ve come to understand bike set up a little more which is a good thing too in my opinion.


    Fox Float 150 RL.

    I’m only 9 1/2 st (of taut muscle). Ive set the sag to ~25-30%, which means there is hardly any air in there. Hard peddling or hard front end braking causes significant front end dip.

    Will I die if I add more air and set the sag was just ~20%? This seems to still allow the use of the full travel.

    Thanks in advance.


    Yeah, I set the sag while seated rather than attack, which was a bit dim really.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Given you have the lockout I might accept the ‘plush’ front end under pedalling and just see how it rides?

    I run all my forks ‘softish’ and use lockouts when necessary.

    I don’t find brake dive a particular problem.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Magura’s approach to sag/preload/pressure is that you should set it so the fork bottoms out just once or twice each ride. In other words they are designed to give you full travel, and if you’re riding in a big rocky area, just add a bit of pressure before you start and if you’re riding a smooth trail, let some air out.

    They come fitted with an O ring round 1 leg so you can see what travel you used.


    Wouldn’t get too hung up on sag.

    If you’re getting max travel once or twice per ride your forks are set up OK


    Are you remembering to set the fork whilst wearing all your biking gear including full camelbak, it can add a good half a stone to your weight soometimes.


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