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  • Quantocks – sticky-rock man on cheeky ST near great bear
  • Premier Icon zinger
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    Been exploring on MTB Quantock and a few weeks back I found a nice twisty bit of singletrack not sure what its called

    A few weeks back there were a few sticks across it and one live tree cut down across it

    This Saturday every few metres there were sticks across the trail, loads of rocks and at least another 5 live trees were cutdown across the trail

    I cleared all the stuff of the trail

    I’m assuming is some crack pot dog walker / red socker doing this

    But watch out when going down – in case they escalate and stick wire up or something…

    Premier Icon jam-bo
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    If someone is cutting down live trees then you should probably let the rangers know.

    Premier Icon marsbarman
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    Does the trail show up on Trailforks? I know the rangers up there have tried to close off a couple of trails recently.

    Premier Icon jam-bo
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    Or it could be the rangers…

    Premier Icon oldfart
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    Sounds like Star Wars crosses Great Bear then into Five Lords? I noticed a lot of debris up there a couple of weeks back. Looks like it’s been done officially? 🤔

    Premier Icon zinger
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    this sounds right “Sounds like Star Wars crosses Great Bear then into Five Lords”

    Not on trail forks

    If rangers were doing it wouldnt they have dug he trail up – or put signs up saying they were doing so ?

    Premier Icon taf
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    If its Star Wars its closed. Rangers have erected barriers and put up signs.

    Premier Icon jonostevens
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    Sounds like Star Wars. Some piles of cut back heather etc was placed across entrance to the trail recently, presumably in an effort to deter riders but don’t think it made much difference.

    I think the first section is actually an unclassified path (shows up on an OS map), but the issue appears that a connection between there and another trail has been cut through. It’s inside the SSSI area so shouldn’t be happening I don’t think, plus the new bit crosses 2 popular bridleways.

    Was an ace bit of trail but it did drive extra traffic to another cheeky but tolerated natural trail which has definitely suffered as a result.

    Premier Icon siflow
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    As others have said best course of action is notify the rangers. If it’s Star Wars then I’m pretty sure it’s them closed it for the above reasoning.
    If it’s not there I’m very sure they’ll wanna know about people chopping down trees and potentially creating dangerous obstacles.
    I’ll admit from my experience as a local mountain biker their communication could be better at times. But they are over stretched trying to manage an area with many sometimes conflicting interests.
    For such a small area it’s has been busier than I’ve seen it in 25years.

    We all need to accept our responsibility to represent mountain bikers in a positive way.
    The situation hasn’t been helped by some riders posting videos going down footpaths on very public non mountain bike fb pages.

    Stay safe everyone and say hi to everyone

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