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  • Quantocks – Road or MTB?
  • Premier Icon jam bo

    Mtb. Every time. You are right on the doorstep of awesome.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Mtb all the way, and when you’re done with the quantocks go to Exmoor for a whole load more awesome


    I think the answer is take both!

    Joking aside either works. I’d say look at the weather too. If wet you certainly want the mtb as quantocks and exmoor drain well but on the roads they can get slippy with all the field /mud run off

    Premier Icon sargey2003

    Mtb for sure

    Premier Icon beer247

    Heading down to Somerset next week for a much needed week away!

    My brother in law was supposed to be bringing his road bike down but logistics are too complicated apparently.

    So, do i still take the road bike? or shall i take my MTB instead?

    I know Triscombe is nearby with some decent DH stuff but would probably look to do a loop.

    Staying in West Bagborough, so a MTB ride straight out the door would be good!

    Premier Icon jonostevens

    Leaving the mountain bike at home would be a crime worthy of punishment by spending eternity doing repeats of Crowcombe Hill. 🙂

    West Bagborough is a lovely village, right on the trails. There’s a fun bridleway to finish too that delivers you to the door of the Rising Sun for a post ride pint.

    I’d take the road bike. Nothing on the internet about Quantocks or Exmoor being any good. Don’t risk it …. take the road bike you will be much happier.

    Premier Icon holdsteady

    take some Joy Division oven gloves too – apparently they are very useful for checking out the Quantocks

    Premier Icon Esme

    And don’t forget piccalilli shin knee-pads as well

    (I’ve no idea what this actually means, I do hope it’s not rude)

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Quantocks never crashed…

    I’m an excellent rider…

    Premier Icon JAG

    MTB – Quantocks has some amazing trails not just DH

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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