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  • Premier Icon ton

    dave, sorry for not getting back about today.
    i could not get off anyhow.
    glad you had a good un…

    No problem mate – a mate came over from York so we decided to head to Hebden and do a load of the nice cheeky techy stuff. Was a belter…

    And its forecast to last into the weekend 🙂

    Midgets Pit – as you break out the trees at the top and veer left and drop down, whats the trail that goes ahead/to the right? Is it rideable / decent? I assume it must zig zag its way down and end up in the same place at the bottom near the houses at Mytholm?

    PS – had a mint day out today. Rode up Jack Bridge and on to Egypt, then cut across back to Slack on the Pennine Way which was a few dry days away from being as quick as it is during mid summer, Slack Tracks/Hit The Wall or whatever its called, back up to Heptonstall, Midgets Pit, back up to Heptstonstall and the top part of Blue Pig past the pub, up the road, Barely Legal and then back to Hebden from Hardcastle Craggs for tea and (free!) cake at Coffee Cali. Mint…

    Premier Icon Ben_Haworth

    Davey – why not just go and have a look down it? 😉

    Ooo, in that case I think I will do next time I’m up there Ben! Ta 😉

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Shouldn’t the thread title be “Q for Hebden Bridge Fan Boys”? 😀 😀

    Jason – we need to organise another ride sometime!

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Davey – my mate’s having a demo day this Sunday if you fancy popping down. Details here – http://www.velocitycycles.co.uk/demo-day.php

    Other than that I’m going to be struggling for a while as Junior Woody arrives on the 21st April which will curtail my riding for a bit I imagine 🙂

    Looks nice Brant but I think I’ll give that option a miss!

    Jason – trying to fit in as much riding as I can this year because our first mini-me / mini-missus arrives at the end of September too!

    Premier Icon dave360

    Yes I do. Parachuteless bicycle base jumping is an underated sport.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Congrats mate 🙂

    Might be able to sneak one in next Sat morning if you’re free? 11th that is?

    Aye I should be around and ain’t got owt planned yet (except Cut Gate on the 10th!).

    I’ll drop you a mail.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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