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  • qwerty

    We had a power cable run up for where we thought our extractor hood would end up, but were a bit out. We now have an approx 4″ x 3″ hole on our dry lined wall that needs filling. How do i do it? Mesh? I have some Thistle, bonding coat & finishing plaster knocking about, but not a lot of skill to use it.



    prob best filled with a little expanding foam, leave to set then trim with craft knife. Finish with polyfilla.
    Thats how i would do it as a decorator

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    I think the traditional idea is to slip a bit of wood behind and screw it in place above and below the hole to give you something to plaster against. If you have a bit of plasterboard then an even neater way is to cut a square a bit bigger then enlarge the hole to fit it. Again put a bit of wood behind to screw both to. Makes the job neater if you aren’t used to plastering


    Thanks Leffeboy, you’ve saved me the typing!!


    You’ll probably struggle to get any timber behind the plasterboard because of the wall behind, so just fill with your bonding coat then once it’s gone off finish with your finishing plaster, or normal filler if you prefer.


    Or;cut a bit of plasterboard a wee bit bigger,put two nail holes through it and thread some string thought it.Put bonding around the inside of the board and then slip the board in and pull tight on the two bits of string to join the board. Allow to set and plaster.


    +1 for bit of plaster / wood on a string method

    jonah tonto

    stuff it with newspaper and chuck some thistle over the top then sand it back and paint it. not that that is the right way to go about it mind, but every house ive ever worked on has had newspaper stuffed into the walls.

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