Pyrenees Riding – Alto Gallego?

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  • Pyrenees Riding – Alto Gallego?
  • Has anyone any experience of riding in the Alto Gallego area?

    We’re planning a trip for a varied group of riders (mainly xc/endurance but a couple of people looking for some more enduro/DH stuff) and this website suggests a wide variety of signed trails from easy to pretty serious and some downhill stuff so it looks ideal.

    Also, any recommendations for places to stay?


    It’s a beautiful part of the world. We used to go regularly as kids. I only recently went back this year. We didn’t ride so I can’t help much. They do an uplift in panticosa but I think to get to the better trails you still need to do a chunk of climbing. We did some walking and the trails were pretty technical, we didn’t see any bikers. Hopefully someone will be along with better biking experience but IMO go because it’s a great a place to be, I’d question how much of a biking mecca it is but if you like something different it may suit. There’s a few uplifts not too far away on the French side as well which might add a bit more downhill to the trip.

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    I haven’t been but from the website and your post seems a good option. In any case you will be very close to Ainsa (Zona Zero), one of the best MTB areas in Spain, more enduro orientated (they held a EWS event last year) but shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt some routes for XC riding.


    I’m very much an XC type of rider and I love Zona Zero.

    I went to zona zero a few weeks ago, it was a bit technical for me (back to mtb after 3 year hiatus) but my friends loved it. If you go there drop me an email and I’ll send you the tracks of the more xc oriented trails (gonzalo.master30 at gmail dot com).

    @spaniardclimber – we were thinking of staying Biescas and maybe venturing over to Zona Zero if we were feeling brave! I’ll drop you a line for those GPXs, thanks.

    Is there any specific reason why you’re staying in Biescas? Nothing against it, it’s pretty nice too, but in Ainsa hotels are more prepared for bikers, they can provide you information about tracks etc, they have rooms to lock the bikes, a hose to clean them after the ride, they are more ‘bike friendly’.

    Also be sure to check Zona Zeros facebook page the same day as it’s hunting season and some trails are affected, not that you cant ride on the affected trails, but at your own risk (I wouldnt though).

    Any info you need just drop me an email!

    @Spaniardclimber – we haven’t got as far as accomodation, I’d just picked a name from the map which was around the area we were thinking about.

    I’ll drop you a line.

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