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  • Putting up a shed – Ground anchor??? – tips or advice please?
  • I’ll be putting up a shed in my girlfriends shared garden soon to store my bikes.
    The garden is fenced off, but can be accessed by climbing kids.
    Her neighbours are all oldies luckily.

    It’s going to be a plain old normal wooden shed, that’s being donated to me.

    As I’ll be storing my bikes in there (cheap bikes at first only to see how safe).
    I’ll dig a hole, fill it with concrete and rebar or thick metal pole thing of some sorts to attach bikes to.

    Anyone have any tips?

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    Things to consider are where the joists??? Are that support the floor when positioning the ground anchor. Next thing is just buy a ground anchor. I got a squire one for £30 ish so they are not expensive.

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    Maybe a Maxi Shackle?

    I’ve got the Shed Shackle in my shed, which isn’t close to being secure like a proper wall / floor anchor, but better than nothing.

    Only problem with having something through the floor in a shed is that you then invite animals to come through the hole into your nice dry shed.


    I just put an inverted D Lock in mine. ie did exactly the same as you, lump of concrete and set the D Lock in it, then just drilled 2 holes in the base of the shed floor.

    I then actually put a cable lock through the D-Lock to secure the bikes.

    Unfortunately the chavs who nicked my bike recently just cut through the cable securing the bike 🙁

    I now have added a shed alarm

    and one of these


    instead of casting concrete I’ve used recycled concrete railway sleepers for shed bases and bolted anchors on to these

    A friend got a 5 foot length of railway track from the scrappies, whacked it into the ground with a sledgehammer till there was only 2 feet poking out, with the “holes” at the top

    not going anywhere this century…

    Cheers Chaps.

    Thinking I could just cut a square in the floor of the shed, then frame up around the hole I’ll dig until it’s level with the shed floor so it’s all the same height.

    Maybe one of those shed shackles too for added piece of mind.
    Thinking as i’ll be pouring the concrete, I could get one off these
    concrete in thingy

    lots to think about!


    have seen a landrover engine block used (chain and shackle through one of the bores….)

    I cut a hole for a ground anchor in my shed base and before i knew it, I had a shed full of mouse shiite. I have now filled the hole with bitumen.

    I put a ground anchor in when I set the concrete base for my shed/workshop.
    I’m not keeping my new bike out there yet. I’m worried they might strip it for parts and leave the frame. Thats what I’d do if I was a scrote. Not easy to trace the parts.

    I used an old 56lb market traders iron weight – once that thing is in concrete there’s no shifting it. Just be aware that these days Mr Thief will just cut through a frame if he wants the bits. Bottom line being put it in the shed if you don’t care about it, or if you care then hide it away indoors….. and stop telling us on-line folk all about your security arangements!


    Muddy – Its ok though, STW is only for middle class folk so so one considering knicking a bike would look here 😯

    I cast a ground anchor into the shed base, and dropped the shed over the top. Easy.

    Don’t forget security bolts (or damage the screw heads) for the door hinges etc, easy to take a door off a shed by unscrewing it.


    Okay, so I’ve got a ground anchor, but I now need to secure 3 or 4 bikes to it. 3 bikes hang vertically from the garage wall, what the best way to secure these to the anchor… I’m thinking some kind of security cable.


    I built a wooden box in the corner of the shed and filled it with concrete with a ground anchor and a d-lock set into it. 120kg of concrete. to dig a hole underneath and fill with concrete would have been too much work and this is not as permanent but still as secure, you just sacrifice a bit of space.

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