Putting really big ships in the water.

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  • Putting really big ships in the water.
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    That’s certainly an interesting way to do it 🙂

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    I worked in a ship repair yard as an apprentice. Seeing huge ships out of water in dry dock is a fantastic site. I never saw a proper ship launch though.


    I would love to be in board, sat at a table having a cup of tea, while they launch.

    That would be brilliant !


    I hope they sellotape the furniture etc inside down first!


    Amazing. Show’s how much they can be bounced around as well


    Fun to watch, but those aren’t really big ships, the last two were a Coastguard cutter and a NOAA research ship. I’ll bet they wouldn’t launch a multi-thousand tonne bulk crude tanker like that.

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    Like this one? 🙂


    Eureka…………I’ve just figured out why sea levels are rising !

    ……..”global warming” my arse.


    That’s a barge, not even a ship

    Isn’t that how they launch sumbarines? Anyway, talking of ‘big ships’, they aren’t that big compared to some are they? There was some MAHOOSIVE ships anchored off Panaji, Goa, last month. Theyr’e mostly ore carriers & looked canny big to me. There was some fookin big tankers as well, can’t find any photo’s though.
    Lets see some BIG ships!

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    well, my uncle (ok, great uncle) was the man standing beside the queen when she launched the QE2, impressive footage of that launch, right across the Clyde from what I could see – I’m sure they even had to dig out some of the opposite bank to take the ship..

    http://youtu.be/MmS8g6lnZOk – starts at 1.45, bowler hat raised aloft, 1.55

    tops 5

    Isn’t that how they launch sumbarines?

    Submarines are rolled out from the assembly shed and lowered into the water using a hydraulic shiplift

    Saw a few ship launches as a kid in Barrow in Furness – used to get the day off school to watch 🙂 they slid in “end on” tho

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