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  • Put classifieds post up nearly got burgled the same night….
  • ChunkyMTB

    Why not tell the police about the car?

    I doubt a linked photo would lead someone to an exact door number.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    could u explain the way you think he got your address?

    have u told the police about the car?

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Or possibly he was going to nick your car, or something in it, or he was looking elsewhere and hid when you disturbed him but chose to do it right next to your car. Lots of possibly explanations completely unconnected to a classifieds posting.

    Pointed out the car to the police at the time. Said it wasn’t one we recognised. Engine was cold however but I think the police ran the details. Going to canvass the neighbours today and see if anyone does knows it, but I suspect not.

    I suspect from the facebook link they found my ID and worked it out from there.

    Nah. Garage and bike deffo. Nowt in car and Volvos are not the first choice for theft.

    Plus the fresh chips in the paint work on the bottom edge of the garage door…


    Did they arrest him or did he get away?

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Occam’s Razor. Coincidence.

    Adress is easy with a name and partial post code. Just go try it on 192.com, ok you have to pay but it’ll give you a full address for a pittance.

    Portlyone – The police didn’t think so when I explained my suspicions.

    Chilled76 – I don’t know I suspect not as he had a good few minutes between me losing sight of him and the police arriving – I wouldn’t have been able to ID his face anyway.


    I’ve sold a fair bit on PB and advertised on STW and BR etc. I was surprised by the number of dodgy contacts you get obviously fishing for further info. They usually start with a very firm offer for the item without asking any q’s or even trying to haggle. Then in subsequent contacts they usually tell you they are local/willing to collect. And will then insist on this in later contacts.

    Some of these peeps may be genuine but I always avoid. Always put vague info in your profile, no names address etc and always make a fresh advert for your item rather than linking to another site that might hold more info on you(unless you have been just as circumspect with your details on the other website).

    I rarely elect to have someone collect from home address either (have to be pretty certain they are legit) always say I will post or will meet at a neutral venue. Always take PayPal payment no BACS, cheque or cash.

    It might take a wee but longer to shift stuff if you are fussy but I’d rather be safe.

    Put up a clearance thread in the classifieds on here yesterday. Got home at 1am last night and saw some guy crouched down in the shadows next to my car. This is on my drive… Challenged him and he ambled off at first pretending to be drunk. The fact that he was a scrote was never in doubt. This was reinforced by the fact he studiously avoided me seeing his face as I followed him and the long screwdriver / prybar he was doing a poor job of trying to hold to his side.

    Followed him down the road on phone to the police who responded within minutes (<5) and then 3 squad cars and a chopper. Very impressed with the response.

    As an aside there was a car parked just down the road that no-one recognises which I suspect was an accessory to the fact anyone know any legal way of ascertaining whose it is?

    Needless to say all the bikes and parts are moving out today.

    Just be wary about what details you post. I suspect that a partial area/post code and a photo I posted which was linked from my faceboook account lead to way to many details being available.


    On the flip of the above comment… I always prefer to collect and pay cash if it’s over £100, or might need a bit of an inspection.

    I think you can get the measure of people on here and through talking to them via email. In my experience, scumbags can’t grammar proper innit.

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