Purest form of cycling?

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  • Purest form of cycling?
  • xiphon

    I’ve really enjoyed going back to basics, on a steel rigid 26″ bike (P7, singlespeed)

    To me it’s the purest, as it’s going back to my roots really. Back when I felt indestructible…

    Premier Icon bigdean

    For about 18months i was riding a single speed with only a rear brake. Was awsome till i needed to get to work quicker.

    Used to ride bmx brakeless which isnt as bad as you think.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    For me, touring. A bike, open roads, A to B, pub lunch, pub finish.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    molgrips – Member

    Track cycling needs a track, as well as a bike.
    Hardly ‘pure’ is it?

    Road cycling needs a road, MTBing needs a trail..[/quote]

    The roads and trails tend to be there already.
    Track is the Centrifugal Bumble Puppy of cycling.

    The purest form of cycling?
    Your first ride.
    It’s all downhill (and uphill) from there.


    My fixed wheel road bike. Steel springy frame, one gear ratio, no frewheel. Brakes. Every time I ride it I feel connected in a way that no other bike does. It’s just a wonderful ride.

    Of course track is up there too, but a velodrome is needed.

    Off road, it’s a rigid singlespeed. For largely the same reasons.


    I would say track bike too. And no you don’t need a track. I road a track bike on road and off road for 10 years (as my only bike), last 5 with no brakes for extra ‘purity’

    Gone soft as I reach 50 and now use a rigid single speed MTB but still very tempted to swap back to a track bike.


    Klunking? Or if we track it backwards, riding cruiser bikes with only a coaster brake around town?

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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