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  • Premier Icon scaredypants

    I've got one – radio 5 on terrestrial is bloody awful round here

    I use it with a lead from the headphone jack rather than on FM though (haven't tried the FM, might be fantastic)

    reception is v good, occasional dropouts in 2 places I drive through (about 5 seconds each)

    you need the antenna wired to the unit plus the charger and then, in my case, the lead to the stereo so there's a bit of spaghetti if you're not thoughtful about routing

    Mine is tucked under the steering column – I don't change channels much (BBC 5 and 6 only) so no big issue and I can leave it undisturbed when I park


    Anyone got/used one? My car (06 Civic) doesn't have an aux-in socket or an i-pod connector so I'm looking for a way to get a bit more music choice. One option is a hard-wired ipod connector but the Pure Highway uses an FM transmitter. I've used one of those before, with mixed results. Thoughts?


    yep had one for ages – new car comes with dab radio already. But fine on FM – just need to remember to let it select a new frequency if you get cross talk with another station or pick a weird FM frequency like 106.9 for example

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I've also got one. A fair few wires involved hanging around the dash, but if it's that or nothing then go for it. The FM transmitter thing works well and there's a function for automatically finding new empty airspace when you start picking up other stations.

    Very good though – didn't drop any signal the whole length of the M4, and I could listen to test match cricket all the way home, or even just R5 with good quality signal (which is quite refreshing in fact).

    I hate the wires though, so in the new car I'm going to wire a 12v socket and the related wires into the centre console storage box and leave it in there, using the preset buttons to change station if I need it.

    It's also worth noting that you have to leave the aerial stuck on the window, so thieves will always know you've got one.

    I'd seriously consider getting a head unit with it built in tho.


    I've been put off buying a mobile DAB reciever due to the flaky performance of every DAB radio i've ever laid my hands on and this has been in multiple locations.

    I'm extremely doubtful that I'd get consistently reliable service with a mobile unit, on any chosen station, wherever I happened to be, or have I got it all wrong?


    About the only thing missing in the BM that I'd really like. Anyone got a factory fitted DAB radio? Do they work okay in cars?

    Big DAB fan (got three DAB radios in the house!) and do miss it on the road.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    My DAB add-in didn't cut out at all on my trip along the M4 corridor. It was top. Don't see a reason why a factory one would not work just as well. It'll need a dedicated aerial too remember.

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