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  • punishment for adultery??
  • TandemJeremy

    ernie – that sets two ends of the spectrum. at some point it must croiss a line and be unacceptable. where is that point? 2 shags? 5? a year? 10 yrs?

    There has to be a point at which it becomes unnacceptable

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    finding out 30 years of your life has been a sham full of lies……….think you’d lose the will to live 😐


    batter the snot

    I’ve never ever heard that before …….. I’m guessing that it’s a ‘northern thing’, right ?

    Jeezus, you guys need to learn a thing or two about healthy eating.


    …….stab her after 30 years with the best man?

    Personally I think the bloke sounds like a complete muppet if he didn’t notice that his best man had been shagging his missus for the last 30 years. The most anyone has got away with it with me was about a week.** So no, I reckon that he deserved it – what a muppet.

    **And no, I didn’t stab her. I told him to **** off before I before I laid him out (an apparently very convinced suggestion) And I told her that she wouldn’t be seeing me again (we had been together for about 7 years). Although I will admit that after she kept pestering me, and I told her to forget about ever seeing me again unless I discovered that she had given me some horrible fatal disease. In which case I would hunt her down, find her, and tear her apart. Seemed quite reasonable to me, wouldn’t you say ?


    Just arrived late to the party, and, FWIW, I find the thought of inflicting physical harm, (or psychological, for that matter), on a woman abhorrent. The best man, on the other hand I would happily punch repeatedly in the face, then leave him tied up for twenty-four hours with a thick rubber band tied tightly round his testicles. Then I’d kick her out of the house with all her stuff in black bin liners and change the locks.
    Then I’d get royally, outrageously drunk.

    Anyone stopped to think that the Wife should have her say ? was the stupid **** of a husband an angel for instance ? always 2 sides to every story


    Does this explain it?


    Righto Ernie, got where you are coming from. Sorry didn’t spot the bit about you having been there. Glad you sorted it without slapping her.
    just so you don’t misunderstand me, I’m not in any way defending infidelity, basically what happens in someone elses relationship is none of my business. However, I do not accept the long line of posts on here that seem to think that beating up a woman is acceptable in these or any other circumstances. As I said seems incredible to me that so many appear to disagree with me on that. Apparently you are not one of them, which is fine with me.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Poor bugger.
    When it happens to you it does bloody hurt. Fecked me right over for a while anyway.
    I came back a better person.
    And there was no prison sentence involved.
    Interesting though. I mean, people get sued for lible / slander etc all the time, but there’s no actual physical harm done to the person in question. Hurt feelings maybe, loss of reputation perhaps.
    Guess it comes down to how quantify the harm done by adultery / cheating. This chap will no doubt be suffering but yet has no recourse through law to seek recompense over what has been done to him. He cant sue for hurt feelings…!!! He’s just expected to accept the situation, while they move on having wronged him for 30yrs.
    Shit call but stabbing her was not on.


    countZero is your sexism meant to be noble?
    Either violence is wrong or it isn’t surely?
    Not saying I am a proponenet of hitting women but fail to understand your violence towards a man and yet non violence towards a woman.
    What principle is at play for both scenarios?


    fail to understand your violence towards a man and yet non violence towards a woman.

    Yeah, I couldn’t understand that. In my case, I couldn’t blame him …….. she was hot 😯


    3 pages and no pictures ❓


    Has Sharia Law been proclaimed in STW-land? I always thought that this was a place that saw that human life exists in a million configurations. Now it’s overrun by “bring back the birch” Mail readers.

    In the current example, maybe if the wife was shagging someone else from the get-go, the husband was no great shakes. Maybe she felt pressured to go ahead with the wedding cos her friends and family expected it, and then never had the strength to end the situation. Maybe a lot of things. But hey, let the injured manhood pass judgement.

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