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  • pulled over for careless cycling…
  • All it takes for us is to continue to ignore stuff like this and it will continue.


    It should not be acceptable. The Police should be setting an example – they repeatedly claim they don’t have the resources (or will) to enforce traffic laws to any reasonable degree so the very least they can do is set an example.

    It’s not the cyclist’s job to tell other people that they’re driving in the wrong lane.

    And presumably by that logic that they’re doing anything else that’s dangerous. I been told to ‘**** off, it’s none of your business’ when I’ve politely asked people not to use their phones while they’re driving.

    The reason Drink Driving has dropped so far is because it became socially unacceptable. That absolutely involved other people telling drunks in the pub that they were not going to put other peoples lives at risk by driving home.

    The same needs to become true of speeding, phone use, etc etc etc


    I imagine if someone made a “Strava for cars” there would be uproar in the public and pulled almost instantly.

    my half mile car strava segment average speed would be 120mph+
    my half mile bike strava segment average speed would be around 28mph

    I think there’s a reason why there would be uproar for one of those


    Whilst admittedly it involves a motor cycle rather than pedal cycle it is worth watching all 14 minutes of it as a frame of reference , how thing’s can escalate out of control.


    There is a mild form of reconciliation at around 9- 10 minutes where both partie’s seem to calm down and common sense prevails.


    I’m with the cyclist, police on the whole are all hypocrites and hate it when they are in the wrong and public pull them up on it.


    Misinformer,that vid just goes to show you have no way of knowing how things are going to turn out.


    It’s also funny how language ok for Mumsnet is not acceptable to the police.

    its not acceptable on here either, and indeed most places, hence why you had to pick mumsnet.

    the wanderer

    I chose mumsnet as it was a recent example. And it’s funny.

    Our society is becoming more sophisticated and less worried by words – sticks and stones and all.

    It’s sad the police use language as another tool for control.


    There was a case a couple years ago where a Court of Appeal overturned a conviction for someone swearing at the police. Think the reasoning was that being police meant that they would be exposed to swearing on a regular basis and could not possibly be distressed by it.

    I remember the chief copper at the time didn’t like the courts decision and decided they could still arrest people for swearing at them albeit under a different charge.


    it is worth watching all 14 minutes


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    Good result. We’re worrying about trivia rather than the things that matter.

    Meanwhile in Sri Lanka….


    Fwiw it’s one of many bus lanes in Edinburgh with certain time restrictions (7:30am-9:30am, and 4:30pm-6:30pm)

    Would be fairly sure this was outside of those hours (due to the morning being a much higher volume of traffic, and the evening dark!)

    Guy acting a right tool and not even understanding the rule he is complaining about!

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    Guy acting a right tool and not even understanding the rule he is complaining about!

    he said on the YouTube page and page 2 of this thread that it was during hours of operation.

    Some may disagree but I would also pose the question, that by preventing them using the lane you would in fact be reducing the service they are able to offer?

    so presumably it behooves* the police to keep em clear then, not sit in them with the rest of the idiots.

    *for jefkowski

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