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  • Pub/Shop Bike FS – bit tatty but it'll do the job…
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    Edinburgh Bike Coop Revolution Courier – 1×8 speed,Stealth Black, full SKS Mudguards, rear pannier rack. Quite new 26″ Schwalbe tyres. Comfy Ergon grips. Thats the good bits.

    Probably needs new brake cables and blocks, and probably a new gear cable too. In fact let’s be honest here – the brakes do stop you after a fashion but need a good old haul on the levers…only 5/6 gears are currently willing to co-operate, the rest seem to be in the huff. But if I can negotiate Edinburgh’s hilly streets you’ll cope too, and it’s not too big a hassle/expense to replace a gear cable is it?

    A reliable minimum fuss bike you can ride to work, leave on a railing/rack and not worry too much. Leave it locked overnight outside a pub if you’re too bevvied to ride safely home…No one will bother trying to steal it… Stick some panniers on the rack to do your shopping. This thing does the lot!

    I cant remember the exact size – but I’m 6ft1″ so a few inches either side and you’ll be sweet. Could measure it, if anyone wants me to?

    The price? £100 collected from Edinburgh/Musselburgh, postage extra but can be arranged…Email is in profile…

    ps nearly forgot – it has a bell! Yep all this and a bell!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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