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    I shall be going to one of the local ones tonight, I shall drink beer which will have been brewed about 20 feet away from me in the brewery attached to it. The beer will be fine, fresh and about £2.50 per pint. I may also have a pork pie made by the butchers down the road. I will know most of the people there by face and 1/2 well enough to say hello to. I shall fall as sleep happy and content. I bloody love a good pub.

    pubs? i’ve just realised the village real ale festival is next weekend. music and jigging and dancing from 1 till falling down time. no taxis though and miles away but we’ll work something out
    our neighbours, the fee paying school, have a fireworks show this weekend with free barbecue and mulled wine


    I’m not a big drinker but I very rarely drink at home so I’ll go to the pub once every couple of weeks maybe? Used to go regularly after climbing wall sessions but that’s tailed off now. Never been in the habit of habitually going more than a couple of times a week.


    breatheeasy – Will these be the very same people who loudly moan about Tesco’s destroying the local independent shops. But, when questioned, can’t remember ever having used any of the local independent shops, as they generally go to Tesco’s?

    No. They’re too busy in the local Asda complaining about the self service tills 😆


    Finished my run of nights this morning, headed straight off for a rather fine 84 road ride, just had some pub grub and three pints of holts whilst reading the papers. Proper woozy now, be a very early night and hopefully back into normal circulation tomorrow. I love pubs!


    I pass my local pub to cycle 1 mile to drink direct at the brewery which is only open on a Friday.


    I’m too lazy to go anywhere.
    there’s a handy microbrewery in my kitchen though 😉


    I shall be going to the Plough in Potten End this evening, in fact very very shortly to escape Mrs Gweilo who’s having a bout of nagging! Not a bad pub once described as “A Youth Club for Adults”. The other local I frequent is The Alford Arms in Frithsden, excellent food and good beer, but not a youth club for adults, more of a civilised establishment. Both of these are in Herts and make a good stop after a night ride in Ashridge Forrest.

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    Went to Coniston in the camper van a fortnight ago and went into town for a few…
    1st Pub:
    Pint of Lager and a 125ml glass of Rose…£7.05
    2nd round Same but 175ml Glass of Rose £8.05
    2nd Pub:
    Pint of some German lager and a 175ml glass of Rose and a small pack of Kp Nuts ….£9.85 !!!!
    So 25 quid for 3 drinks each…to much I say…..
    Bottle of Rose and 3 bottles of Peroni from the Coop £11 quid…..should have stayed in…..

    Should have drunk Beer 🙂 Rather than that imported badly imitated foreign larger probably made somewhere in the midlands under license.

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    £2.60 a pint for Black Sheep Bitter or Shropshire Gold, I go once a week as I have no will power and it normally means a miserable time the day after 🙂


    A few years ago our house was next door to a lovely village pub avec side gate access, which was nice. We now live in Harborne, Birmingham and as those who know the area we are surrounded by the complete spectrum of establishments. With kids, can’t remember what its like to go to a pub in the evening, mind.


    As previously stated, I was in my ‘local tonight’, which is about three miles away, although a detour to pick a mate up, who lives well outside town, adds at least the same again. Pretty busy with a bunch of village locals and their doggies, a couple of pints of Doom Bar, and plenty of chat, and a good evening was had.
    Tomorrow night will be spent in the cargo hold of an old banana boat in Bristol Docks, listening to a bunch of mad Norwegian girls. Much fun will be had. 😀

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    After every night ride (weekly subject to escaping work a bit early) but never drink booze as always getting in the car after.

    Other than that couple of times a month at the weekend for lunch anda Friday lunchtime or two. With 2 young kids and no immediate free babysitters thats about my/our limit.

    I probably drink alcohol in the pub 1 in every 5 trips at most. At least soft drink margins are better for the pubs or at least i.think they are, although less good for the brewers.

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    I’m happy to report, after trying it last night, that my local, with new landlord installed, seems to be back to its old self. He’s a decent bloke, seems to care that the beer’s done properly, and that everyone’s happy. It was really busy. It’s a double edged sword though. Having a decent pub 50 yards walk away, with the footy on, and decent beer is dangerous! Already been back in today to watch the united game 😀

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