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    Just sharing an anecdote.

    I got a new job a month or so ago, just a few miles away in a lovely rural location.
    The road cycle commute was pleasant enough, but soon I began to investigate cross country possibilities. The OS map showed a promising green dashed line which is really direct, so off I went. It’s a lovely ride on obvious but deserted paths over fields, past a farm, then more fields, bit of road and I’m there in about twenty minutes.

    I did this for a couple of weeks until I was stopped at the farm by SURLY YOUNG FARMER in a car. He informed me in no uncertain terms that this is NOT A BRIDLEWAY and is NOT FOR CYCLING. I said fair enough and since then have gone a much longer, but still enjoyable route.

    At some point during this time I lost my house keys.

    So today, taking a breather from weeding the garden, I check my Facebook, and on the local community page is a picture of my keys which someone has found! As I’m messaging the person, I realise that it’s SURLY YOUNG FARMER. This is going to be awkward..

    As it turns out, it’s his parents who own the farm and live there, and who found the keys, so not realising it was me, he gave me their number.

    Anyway, I’ve just been to see them, lovely couple; not only have I got the keys back, but they very kindly gave me permission to ride across their land.

    I really hope I encounter SYF during my commutes. I’ll give him a nice friendly wave 🙂

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    Hunts for “Like” button

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    Be careful SYF might spray you with slurry!!

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    I really hope I encounter SYF during my commutes. I’ll give him a nice friendly wave

    I wouldn’t. If he’s a young farmer whose own parents probably think he’s a berk he’s likely one of two things:

    A) An utter fascist, gammony arsehole.
    B) Pissed half the time and off his tits on horse tranquilisers the other.

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    That’s made me grin.

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    Danny you missed option C Both.

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    Kudos to the parents but am I the only one thinking they will be “got at” by the son and this isn’t the end of the story?

    Perhaps I’m just cynical these days.😉

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    Just hope SYF doesn’t become SOF who owns the farm. I grew up next to a farm and the owner was lovely, he would always stop to have a chat and wouldn’t mind people enjoying the countryside on his land. Sadly he passed away a few years back, his son took over the farm who used to seem ok but is now a right grumpy sod trying to close rights of way and not speaking to any neighbours.

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    All I’m saying is Jeremy Bamber.

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