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    he improved the ‘reachround’ quote while filming, kubrik had to stop him and explain what it meant

    from imdb

    Was not intended to be in Full Metal Jacket (1987). He was hired as a technical advisor for the actor who was to play the drill instructor, but he did such a good job at it that Ermey himself was hired for the part.

    Served in the U.S. Marine Corps from April 1961 to October 1971 under the service number 195 60 39. Was retired as a Staff Sergeant on a medical disability.

    Although he retired from the United States Marine Corps in 1971, Ermey was later awarded the Honorary rank of Gunnery Sergeant.

    U.S. Marine Corps awards and decorations include: Meritorious Unit Commendation, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal (w/bronze service star), Vietnam Campaign Medal (w/60 Device), Vietnam Gallantry Cross (w/Palm), Good Conduct Medal (w/2 bronze service stars), Marksman Badge (w/Rifle Bar) and Sharpshooter Badge (w/Pistol Bar).

    After injuries forced him to retire from military service, he moved to the Phillipines and enrolled in the University of Manila, where he studied Criminology and Drama.

    Used the same line (“You’re not afraid of a little blood, are you?”) in two consecutive movies — Willard (2003) and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003). Both films were released in 2003 and both films just happened to be remakes as well.

    Chosen as first celebrity spokesperson for Glock firearms and products in 2004.

    Parodied his famous role from Full Metal Jacket (1987) (Sgt Hartman) as a Ghost in the film The Frighteners (1996).

    Aside from his early military roles, he often plays authority figures, such as sheriffs, police chiefs and other types of law-enforcement officers.

    Has four children with wife Nila and two daughters from a previous marriage. Has nine grandchildren.

    In 1987, he was involved in a jeep accident during the making of Full Metal Jacket (1987). At 1:00 a.m. one morning, he skidded off the road, breaking all the ribs on his left side. He refused to pass out and kept flashing his car lights until a motorist stopped. In some scenes in the movie, he does not move his left arm at all.

    In 2010, was chosen as new spokesman for SOG Specialty Knives & Tool. SOG’s new “Gunny Approved” advertising campaign includes a special edition line of knives and tools developed in conjunction with Ermey.

    Where Are They Now
    (August 2002) Hosting “Mail Call” on The History Channel.

    (July 2005) Starting his third year as host on “Mail Call” on The History Channel.

    (August 2009) Hosting “Lock N Load” a new show about military hardware on the History Channel.

    (July 2010) Currently doing a series of radio and television commercials for Geico.

    He made that quote up and kubrik stopped him because he (kubrik) didnt know what it meant.


    What’s that in ur foot locker private Pile


    Filmy folklore says that his ‘audition’ included 15 minutes of him shouting non-stop insults at the top of his voice with no repetitions hesitations or deviations, whilst crew members threw stuff at him.

    He is of course the sergeant of the little green army men in Toy Story too 😀


    I was once shown round a data centre in Dallas by a chap who within 20 seconds of meeting him, told me he had been a gunnery Sgt in the US marine core.

    He was a living parody of himself, it was fantastic. He was in his fifties but looked awesomely fit. Virtually everyone in the building was in T-shirt and jeans but this guy dressed sharp! There were razor sharp creases in his trousers and his shirt!
    He took me inside and through the standard airlock affair you get in most modern data centres nowadays through to a desk, which was protected by this huge 3 inch thick plastic window.

    “That’ll stop any bullet you’ll fire at it.” He pointed out.
    “Of course” he added after a little thought. “It won’t stop my .44 magnum.”


    I’ve noticed that full metal jacket is on itv now
    always thought sgt gunny was an actor but turned on discovery channel
    the other day to discover him testing machine guns on a documentry!
    the guy must be about 85 now and is same loony gun ho nutter
    what a legend!!

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