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  • PSA – Troy Lee and Santini sale etc
  • some good bargains here if they have your size.

    Just ordered some new bibs!

    + a bank holiday code..


    Premier Icon markoc1984

    Nice one thank you


    Thanks! Shorts and jersey ordered 😀

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    Hoodie and shorts for missus ordered! 🙂

    Good spot.

    big yim

    Thank for this op, sneaky birthday present to myself


    I ordered some things from them last week, I’m sure it was an advert on here that made me aware.

    Anyway… One of the items was this

    The weirdest sized shorts known to man. Ordered 34″ waist but could barely get my legs in them. Their Grafham shop isn’t far so I went to change them. I had to go up to 38″ to find some I could get my legs in, unsurprisingly the waist was far too big. Spoke to one of the guys in the shop as I was getting a refund he said “we’ve got loads of these in stock, they just don’t fit anyone!”

    Shame as they’re lovely shorts.


    Ta..some jerseys ordered.Thank for the shorts heads up too.I’ve got thunder thighs 😳

    Premier Icon dudeofdoom

    Ace shorts arrived today ……

    Really nice but more of a Lycra type fit than a baggy short…

    Hopefully they’ll reduce the price even more an I can score more 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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