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  • gonzy

    There’s a popular belief that Senna wanted to end his career at Ferrari, and I can believe he might have spoken to them but signing a letter of intent? Seriously?

    according to this article it nearly did happen and Ferrari wanted him as much he wanted to drive for them…–Italy-recalls-Senna–20-years-after-death.html


    It’s common practice for drivers to explore their options, particularly when a contract is up for review. Remember that Hill was talking to McLaren for 1997 (£800k per annum plus £1m race win bonus was discussed) and also to Ferrari for a possible seat.

    A pre-contract is little more than an agreement to discuss terms for a possible deal. I daresay that there are a few others safely contained within vaults that might raise eyebrows in years to come – Schumacher was known to be in discussions with McLaren at one point during the mid 1990s.


    And Vettel almost certainly has a pre-contract with Ferrari…

    Ferrari might be rethinking it at the moment 🙂

    (FWIW, I don’t buy into the theory that Vettel is just average but had a great car for four years. I reckon he learnt to drive that EBD and is now struggling to relearn to drive without it given that it’s a very different technique (just ask Webber)).

    Premier Icon Nobby

    Senna had never hidden the fact that he liked the idea of driving for Ferrari one day.

    Schumacher was known to be in discussions with McLaren at one point during the mid 1990s

    Well when a senior official from that team pops to see him about it but accidentally wanders into his (then) teammate’s motorhome it kinda gave the game away 🙂

    FWIW, I never really liked ‘Le Professeur’ either – he always seemed too close to/pally with certain members of the FIA (much like the management at Ferrari) and seemed to always have the better/faster/reliable car in whichever team he was in. I seem to remember he even had his Ferrari secretly swapped with Mansell’s because he was convinced it was quicker than his.


    one of my fave senna vid’s. Great car, great circuit with the greatest driver.

    Love the heel & toe in a pair of leather soled loafers.

    Will watch Senna tonight and flick through a few of my Senna books.

    With all the rememberence of senna recently (rightly so) lets not forget another F1 great died 32 years ago today.

    Salut Gilles

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Gilles’ accident was horrific. I remember getting back from my Saturday job and finding out he’d died, couldn’t believe it at the time even though F1 deaths were still disappointingly frequent at that time.


    I’ve never seen that vid of Senna in the NSX. Awesome.


    Siempre Gilles! A tiger of a driver, hard but absolutely fair – if you haven’t read it, Gerald Donaldson’s biography is great. “What makes you think I’m going to be around next year…?” 🙁
    Indomitable spirit personified.


    Ooo, like the NSX vid here, too – interesting throttle inputs, I know it was done back in the day in turbo cars, I think to spool the turbo up on corner exit and minimise lag, but that’s not what he’s doing there! Last run out of spoon is awesome, makes you realise that no, you can’t do that… 🙂

    Scotchegg – Glad you like. One of my fave’s too. Makes it look *sooooo* easy, which I guess it would be if you’re used to an F1 turbo, but still…..

    Pondo – From what I’ve read Senna was renowned for jabbing the throttle, turbo or non turbo car, but I’m sure it’d help with a turbo, like you say.

    Nice little obiturary from Nigel Roebuck here on Gilles. Probably fair to say motor racing will never see his type again.


    Through the whole of the ‘Senna’ film Prost doesn’t come out looking too good. But…then you see him him carrying the coffin and the very last sentence of the whole film leaves you thinking “OK, maybe he was a good guy after all”. I think they were both ultra competitive which was a good thing for F1. ‘Senna’ really is a gripping film.

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