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    Yes Im a chromebook evangelist.

    But it might be of interest to some that Morgan Computers have some stock of Grade A factory refurbs of the Samsung Series 3 chromebooks for £171 delivered. Unfortunately they are not eligible for their 10% November sale.

    Ive just bought my second (for the wife) and another for the local pub. You can tell they are used, but only from very tiny marks on the underside. A new one would collect the same marks in a matter of days. 6m warranty.

    We have 4x of these in our company now and 2x series 5s.

    They wont suit everyone, or even the majority of people, but for the right people they are excellent. These are SSD versions so have excellent battery life, reliability, and quiet running and boot in 7s. Plenty of reviews online so I wont go into it more here.

    No longer available on the google store, they only list the rather more chubby Acer c7 with HDD and rubbish battery.


    Thinking about going to a chrome book for my next laptop, do they sync easily with android phones and can I run iTunes on it?

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    You leave a laptop @ the pub 😯
    Respect! 😆

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    iTunes doesnt run on a chromebook, but better than that youc an move your music iTunes music to the google library and from there use it on any other device.

    If you have an android phone and a chromebook both using the same google account then they will both always be “in sync” since they use the same cloud storage for music/dos/pictures etc. That is not the same as having local copies of everything you own sync’d on both devices though.

    There are various ways of maintaining local copies of things on either device but it is not a sync platform like using dropbox.

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