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  • PSA – PAN’S LABYRINTH, More 4 9pm
  • Premier Icon piedidiformaggio
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    ie now.

    Very good

    Watch it if you haven’t done so before

    Premier Icon roper
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    OOH Great!!
    I love David Bowie.

    Premier Icon Steelfreak
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    Not one to watch if you’re feeling at all depressed, though.
    It’s an excellent film, but not what I’d call ‘light entertainment’…

    Premier Icon CountZero
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    roper probably thinks Pans People are in it too. Saw the film in the cinema when it came out. Brilliant film, but it left an indellible impression on me and I just can’t watch it again. I can almost rerun the whole film in my mind and it’s just a bit too cruel and brutal for me to be comfortable with. That’s the human brutality; I can cope with the other world ok.

    Premier Icon simonralli2
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    Watching it now to get me in the mood for one month of exploring some other worldly labrynths like this:

    Premier Icon uponthedowns
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    Certainly is an uncomfortable juxtaposition of the brutality of the Spanish civil war and the young girl’s imaginary world.

    Saw a recent interview with Guillermo Del Toro where he was asked where he got the ideas for his monsters from. Apparently when he was a child he had lucid dreams i.e. dreams that appear just like reality. He would dream that monsters like in his films were coming out of his closet and through the floorboards. No wonder he wet the bed!

    Premier Icon Trustyrusty
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    Bugger, I’ve been out enjoying a curry and missed it. but yeah, a stunning film. I’m also reading Del Torro and Chuck Hogan’s vampire novel (the first of a trilogy apparently) The Strain at the mo’ which is pretty good.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop
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    Great film. However I cried for at least 15 minutes after the credits has rolled by.
    Mr. b.h. really enjoyed it ‘cos he’s fluent in Spanish.

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