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  • kormoran

    Water can very much be an important addition to a whisky and I would say I add to pretty much most of mine. Having the water slightly tepid can really bring out the flavours that are hidden if the water is too cold. But it depends on the whisky IMO, and of course personal preference and circumstances.

    If you are on a budget and not sure what to go for don’t overlook malts like the Tesco and Co Op own brand Highland and Speyside Singles. These are excellent and are in some cases considerably better than the more heavily discounted Gucci brands. For a west coast that won’t blow your head off like a Laphroig, i’d check out Tobermory, very nice drinking, smooth and sweet.

    Currently I am working my way through a Balvenie 14yo Caribeann Cask which at £50 quid a bottle is a bit disappointing next to my favourite Aberlour 10yo that you can normally pick up for £25 or so. Every day’s a school day with whisky 😀

    Rob Hilton

    Seeing as that flaming didn’t transpire, I’ll have a craic myself…

    can you give me the names of some of the milder decent quality jobbies

    *The* milder whiskey. Your most ardent anti-spirit drink will suddenly be converted.

    Having the water slightly tepid can really bring out the flavours

    I keep mine in the fridge & add water in the form of ice to it :mrgreen:

    Just to join in, Sainsburys have a few on offer too, Highland park (Viking something or other?) And jura superstition both in the low £20’s.

    I couldn’t stand whisky, then I went to SSUK………..

    Premier Icon thorpedo

    Sainsbury’s also have Aberlour 12 for £28

    Premier Icon firestarter

    When I was in islay I toured round most of the distilleries and when we were at ardbeg the tour was cancelled but they forgot to tell us. So feeling sorry for us they took us to the boardroom and got about fifteen different bottles out we tried all without water and with and with a bit more, some were better with some without and some with quite a bit. But all in all it was great fun trying. trying to walk after was less fun 🙂

    just remember you can always add water you can’t take it out.well technically you cant but obviously you just pour more whisky in 🙂


    Viking is the new name for Highland Park 12, nothing different other than the bottle style.

    I find it quite interesting that a lot of the ‘specials’ in the supermarket aren’t age-specific, so while you’ll buy a 10yr old or whatever and expect whisky of at least 10 years aged in the cask, the special bottlings need only be 3 years old

    I see few bargains in these specials.


    Glenmorangie Lasanta at a decent price, worth a sniff…

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    Laphroaig is £25 at Morrisons currently. Glenmorangie £25 at Sainsbury. Also splurged £17.95 on Aldi single Islay malt the other day. Great for the money.

    Loving the Laphroaig, sweet, nutty, phenol niceness

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