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  • gozarch

    None of the nice, higher-end stuff in Aberystwyth :-/

    Premier Icon bigdean

    Got a thule 3 bike carrier for 145. Not much more than ebay.
    If they start doing bike tools to the same quality as the professsional spanners then i may as well just set up an account.


    The Macclesfield store is getting a refit, as apparently they were selling so much bike stuff, more room was needed so the store has had/is having work done. Don’t see the logic in removing the mezzine floor the bikes were on before, to me thats just cost them xxx ft of floor space, but what do I know.

    Be interesting to see how much bike stuff they’re going to stock when its done

    Premier Icon easygirl

    Bought a few bits from them recently cheaper than crc


    I used to work in Halfords, and I’m awesome!


    Just Halfords really, they’ve must be making an effort.

    Popped in tonight to get one of those stunt scooters which was priced better than online.

    Bought that and also came out with a Gore jersey, Sportful waterproof , SkS race blades and a couple of Knog rear lights all at roughly half the price they are on Wiggle.

    Their bikes looked great and the young guys serving were helpful without being pushing.

    Nice one,



    Been impressed with some of the stuff and prices of bike stuff in halfords recently. Good to see as they’ve often come in for a lot of stick, probably rightly so.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    £1.48 an hour as ca Saturday boy at Halfrauds and I’ve never felt like I worked in a bike shop, but some good deals lately and they are making a big push for market share.
    Makes you wonder what they’ve been doing for the last 15 years…

    Been a few PSAs for their deals- Hope wheels for less than cost of hubs, cheap Muc Off, Crud Racer 2s as cheap as anyone else and theyve kept a few discount promos ticking over (currently £10 off £100). I recently got some Conti tyres for the winter road bike cheaper than mail order so more power to em if they are making an effort.

    Shame about the 2014 Boardman CX bikes cracking, ironic as in the recent interview with Boardman he comments on historically poor customer service at Halfords impacting on his brand, doh!

    Makes you wonder what they’ve been doing for the last 15 years…

    it does seem to be jumping onto a bandwagon that started rolling 18 months ago. To be fair they were in at the start of the boom (werent we all complaining about their “Tour de Francis” ads in every break of the tour footage last year, and in 2011 it was the Boardman “yellow, its not a colour its a state of mind” piffle), they just didnt appear to tell their actual stores!

    Premier Icon simmy

    They reckon they were the first bike shop to build bikes and not just sell parts according to the manager of our local branch.

    I don’t know about that, but he got a bit shirty when I said ” you are making an effort to be a bike shop these days ”

    He still offered to price match wiggle on a garmin touring though 😀

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I bought a bike from my local halfords in about 1991, was always pleased with the service then, used them for servicing etc for the best part of a decade- never amazing, but they never tried to rip me off which put them ahead of my LBS. Got another bike from them in 2009, obviously all different staff, the boy that built it wasn’t even born when I got the first carrera, but just as good service.

    Good halfordses aren’t new… But you never know maybe bad halfordses will become old.

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Good post Northwind, very quotable.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    I hope they make a better fist of it when they tried last time. Must say some of the staff are very good though – this has been the case for a long time too.


    I have one within 2 miles of my house and is very handy if I need cables or stuff for my hack/commuter because of how close it is and its late opening hours.

    But for my trail bike its LBS (Leisure Lakes) or online. 🙂

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    Are they still doing £10 off 100 / £20 off £200 ?
    Cant see it anywhere on the site


    This might have something to do with it….

    Marvelous! I’ll have 2 innertubes and a pussycat please.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    @cr500dom No, that ended on Wednesday night.

    CRC are doing £10 off £75. Only reason I went with Halfords is because they had more of the kit I wanted and there may be an opportunity to stack my BC discount. Not counting on it though.


    this looks a good deal (even though bike probably isn’t worth the RRP)

    clickety click

    captain slow

    Bracknell store has a mechanic called Paul who is top notch. If he worked in your lbs you would rave about him. Not sure they are all that good, but surely some of the others must be.

    Three cheers for Paul!


    Bought that and also came out with a Gore jersey, Sportful waterproof , SkS race blades and a couple of Knog rear lights all at roughly half the price they are on Wiggle.

    I went in a couple of weeks ago to buy road bike brake pads – I wouldn’t normally buy from halfords but I needed them in a hurry. Sorry we don’t stock those in store, you can buy them online’ er no thanks. Have halfords people seen the amount of road bikes out on the roads.


    Makes you wonder what they’ve been doing for the last 15 years…

    Selling chrome “16v” badges I think.


    I’ve just got home from a trip out that included a visit to my local Halfords to pick up one of the 5l bottles on Muc Off for £13 that I’d reserved using their online Click & Collect thingy.

    After 10 mins increasingly frantic searching it transpired that the bottle had mysteriously disappeared (possible sold to someone else in error).
    “Not to worry” I said, “I was just getting it while it was on offer, I’m not desperate for it, have you any more coming into stock soon?”
    “Yes” said the cycle dept manager, “I can have another bottle here tomorrow afternoon, or, if you prefer you can have 5 1l bottles to take now”
    I decided to wait for the 5l bottle to be delivered, still at the £13 price as I can pop in over the weekend (the shop’s only a mile from my house)
    Just as I was leaving the store manager gave me a 1l bottle of Muc Off as a apology for the inconvenience.

    I call that a good result 🙂

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Been told that they can manually apply the BC discount for orders made through the store only.

    Ordered 8 items and they arrived from 8 different suppliers. Poor guy had to search through and find a lot of them. Doesn’t seem like the best model of delivery to store. Got a pedal wrench instead of a BB tool. Seems like the supplier has mislabelled it so not Halfords’ fault.

    Would probably order again from them, but only if price is better than CRC/Wiggle/Merlin and I’m not in a rush.


    3 for 2 on inner tubes at the moment but i didnt know the web and shop prices are different 3 conti tubes for £12

    garmin edge 200 £84 online but £100 onstore


    I have placed 2 separate orders recently for Bike tools recently and no problem with either order ,Collected from 2 separate stores too(Glossop and Aston U Lyne) so good service from both.

    Now if they can start selling car parts/service items at a similar price to Eurocarparts they may be onto a winner.


    Just to add – used them a few times over the last 12 months when comparing prices v online home delivery retailers and found they have come in very closely priced if not cheaper — (also like the option they are open till 8pm so can order to store and pickup onroute from work.)

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