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  • dooosuk

    How did people get on with this?

    John, the guy on the flyer came around on Sunday and filled his iPad form in, wife signed it, provided child benefit letter and he said we’d get cavity wall, loft insulation and boiler… and now he’s uncontactable.

    Last message was Monday when I asked for a copy of the paperwork.


    Dooosuk, I think he’s just incredibly busy. This post probably didn’t help.

    My friend is waiting for his installation but the company said they can only do 10 a week. I think you just need to be patient once the paper work has been completed.

    My warranty came through from Worcester bosch yesterday, 5 years Subject to conditions, all free.

    Good luck with your application. Let us know how you get on.

    Anyone else made any progress?


    I’m in the same boat as Dooosuk.
    I’m not holding my breath tbh so if anything comes of it it’ll be a bonus


    I think he’s just incredibly busy

    I figured he might be but he was very responsive prior to his visit. He also indicated that cavity wall would be installed Friday (i.e. tomorrow) until I remembered that was Bank Holiday and queried it on Monday.

    I also received a missed call from a Liverpool provider “Impact Building Renewable Energy” but when I phoned them back they didn’t know who John Lardner was and didn’t appear to be able to help me. They do this type of stuff so maybe I’ll try them again to see why they phoned me.


    Dooosuk, I think John is just am agent. He completes the paper work and then that company refer you on. It’s government funding so lots of middle men cashing in.


    I rang and, being in south wales, was put through to their midlands branch. They said there’s an income threshold which you have to self declare you are not above. Sounds like it might not be checked but I’m not going to sign something that isn’t true. :/

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Checked on and don’t qualify due to earnings – which is a good thing to be honest, I don’t know how the op managed it without a question about earnings.

    While an, it’s not government run and on going through their checks, this smells iffy…

    “Do NOT contact any companies about grants as they will not be able to help”

    They want your business, either via the grants or their “discounted” monthly deals. Reading around a few comments about the site say they’re no different to the cold call types trying to offer this kind of stuff and just go direct to a supplier that’s part of the scheme(s) and they can do the grant stuff.

    So how did others get on with this?

    Sounds an awful lot like their agent was pulling a fast one.

    After 2 visits (and my asking repeatedly about income) and chasing for 3 months I’ve today been informed we don’t qualify at all as our income is above the threshold that didn’t exist (according to agent).

    I don’t know but I suspect those who’s income wasn’t assessed had that particular form misplaced …


    Thanks for the heads-up. Daughter on full PIP benefit and heat on lots because there’s always someone in. I’ll get ringing round on Monday morning, anyone know the best folk to ring for South Yorks? I’ll start with EDF, our gas supplier.

    Holy thread resurrection Batman!

    Well it took a bit of ringing round, EDF said they would normally do it but wouldn’t touch floorstanding boilers, but put us on to NPower who did, they handed over to their subbed gas firm, 0800Repair, from Durham/Tyneside who sent a surveyor out and we filled in a load of forms and did a fresh EPC type survey on the whole house.

    Said we could have insulation below floorboard level where access was possible, and a new boiler(ours was working but leaking and had a dodgy pressure vessel diaphragm. So yesterday all the cellar ceiling/downstairs floor was rockwooled and netted, and today we’re having a new Baxi boiler, free to us because our daughter is ill, every cloud and all that.


    My experience pretty much echoes RRR.
    The agent came across as ait of shyster tbh and we had 2 installers call round to do surveys to be told that, as expected, the grants are means tested and therefore we didn’t qualify.
    When we rang the installers to discuss the qualifying criteria, it seems that John has a bit of form with them for promising free boilers only for it not to be the case.
    Worth a punt but ultimately, a waste of time.

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