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  • Kit

    Fae tha Cooncil’s website, but:

    Quality Bike Corridor Consultation

    A Quality Bike Corridor from George IV Bridge to King’s Buildings is being proposed for development by the Council. The corridor would include new cycle lanes and bus lanes, and changes to the parking and loading restrictions along the route so that these lanes aren’t blocked as often by stationary vehicles.

    The Buccleuch Street/Causewayside/Mayfield corridor is very important for cyclists commuting in and out of the city centre, and travelling to and between the King’s Buildings and University of Edinburgh’s Central Area campuses.

    The measures outlined aim to:

    -improve the safety and attractiveness of the corridor for cyclists
    -improve bus priority
    -address demand for kerbside parking and loading“

    Premier Icon jimmy

    2 years too late. W*nkers.


    Not sure I get it. Is it just a bus/bike lane and some new parking signs?

    Is there no better way of spending £48k plus the £12k loss of parking income to improve cycling?

    Not opposing the idea as I don’t use that route and anything that improves the city for cyclists is welcome. Just asking some questions. 🙂

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    That ‘corridor’ seems OK to me as it is tbh.

    The other approach, from the Meadows, Marchmont Rd and Blackford hill is more residential and less safe for your typical student cycling to KB. I see a few ambulances each year attending to stricken students on Blackford Ave in particular, which could maybe be avoided by changing the parking regulations (parking on only one side of the street would be an improvement).


    My biggest problem with the route is simply the quality of the road – it’s terrible! And there is lots of parking along it currently, often at narrow points during the day. Extra parking restrictions would be beneficial. Not read through the proposals in detail (got other things to do!) but will go along to their drop-in session at KB.

    As far as I can see its just paint on the road. therefore as useless as any other edinburgh cyleways.

    Without the will and knowledge to do it properly its a wast of time – we get these stupid bits of red tarmac that dissapear at junctions where you need them most and that lead people into dangerous road positioning.


    I don’t see the point. There’s already a mahoosive stripe of tarmac between the KB and the city centre. I just wish some of these cyclists would learn to use it properly.


    I think someone from Edinburgh Council transport department needs a wee ‘jolly’ over to Copenhagen to see how it should be done.

    Bicycle Super Highway

    The routes will be developed on the existing bike lanes but they will have a number of improved features, according to the City’s vision:
    – Smooth, even surfaces free of leaves, ice and snow.
    – As direct as possible with no detours.
    – Homogenous visual expression, for example, with signage and the trademark blue bike lanes through larger intersections.
    – ‘Service stations’ with air and tools along the routes.
    – Possibility to maintain a high speed and with sufficient width to overtake other cyclists.
    – Safe and quick crossing priority for cyclists when they approach cross streets.
    – Green Wave for cyclists through sections with frequent stop lights. [The Green Wave is in place on three main routes into Copenhagen already. Cycle 20 km/h and you hit green lights all the way.]


    Hmm, I’m all for the idea but this is daft – I come in that way and the bit between King’s Buildings and the town is fairly painless. They might be better spending the money targeting the students about some basic safety and traffic management !

    Mind you thinking about it there is a totally spack cycle lane approaching the junction at the meadows, a bit of work there would be money well spent. I can’t even begin to describe what a mess this junction is.

    I breathe a sigh of relief once I am over the bypass – this lot should try riding on the A703 and the Auchendinny road, then all those badly designed roundabouts past Ikea.

    I recently tried wrapping a high-vis vest around my ruck sack and that seems to have resulted in drivers seeing me sooner and giving me more room. Must have some magic magnetic holograms imbedded in it somewhere !

    druidh – proper cycle provision has a point. Painting stripes on the road has none.

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