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  • He’s called Arron, definitely avoid.


    Utterly bonkers. Sweet set of shifters…

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    hows he managed to get a normal quick release in the front forks?

    Premier Icon stimpy

    Reckon a couple of folk, maybe someone who’s ‘lost’ a bike with boxxers on and someone else who maybe recently ‘lost’ a green Spesh frame might be interested in that there listing.

    Not that I’m suggesting that there’s anything to interest plod about that listing. Oh no.


    Pick up that manhole cover in the photo and shove it down there!


    Flip that stem – it will look a lot better…

    The seller of that bike has just bought some shifters from me on e bay small world


    Thought I’d share this gem in case anyone was thinking of bidding, I don’t want to say it looks wrong, so will say that it doesn’t look right to me, IMHO

    Ebay Bike Listing

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Those are ancient boxxers, don’t think there’ll be many of them left in normal active service. I think the wheels are off a Carrera? Can’t tell for sure but they look like their DDMs.

    It doesn’t smell dodgy to me at all tbh, just ridiculous. Well, I’d be suspicious of the frame’s authenticity maybe. But if I was going to sell a bunch of stolen parts, that’s really not how I’d do it…

    £28 postage 😯

    That’s not how you’d do it because you’re not a bike thief.

    You can’t use any logic when thinking “I wouldn’t do that”
    Because the scum bags that do are not normal folk.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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