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  • Jamie

    The George suit is no worse than a Gucci one?

    I think your Gucci suit might be a fake.


    Cycling frenzy in Burnley Aldi last night – lots of people after the gloves.

    As a Scotsman I like a bargain as much as the next man but to me it just seems like buying your food from Lidl because you are too pikey to shop at Iceland.

    Have you ever even been to Lidl? It’s nothing like Iceland.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    I don’t get this thrill about buying shit from Aldi.

    I normally buy aldi stuff for commuting and “proper” gear (cheap in the sales obviously) for “proper” riding but the aldi gear is good enough that it gets worn for both.

    Still loads of stuff in manchester arndale aldi this morning. Jacket looks OK and fits better than recent ones, the winter jerseys look great feels pseudo softshell so hopefully a bit windproof, pity they didn’t do the luminous yellow in the jersey material (it’s just lightweight stuff), got some socks and gloves. Arm warmers looked ok-ish but not great fit I’ll stick with lusso. Not too impressed with the cap, wasn’t one open to look at so took a punt. Looks well wrong, only just covers the top of your ears, some windproof material, the old lycra ones were better. Picked up a couple more compression tops – thinner material than last lot, so whether this is good or bad depends on conditions I guess.


    Not too impressed with the cap, wasn’t one open to look at so took a punt.

    Then open one. You’ll be doing those that follow you a service 😀

    Premier Icon D0NK

    I opened the compression top boxes to try them, but you have to rip open the bag for the caps – couldn’t force myself to vandalise the packaging 🙂

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I’ve spent my fair share on cycling kit in Aldi over the years. In my experience the quality is great but the fit is pretty poor. I’m hardly skinny, but a lot the the Aldi stuff I’ve tried is baggy but too short in the arm. Great if it fits you but I don’t seem to be the target shape.

    I’m definitely in the “why pay more?” brigade when it comes to Aldi’s glasses, arm and leg warmers, skull caps etc.

    I have just done the best part of 5000 miles on a pair of Aldi mits, bargain. 😀

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    klunky – Member

    So I assume you only dress in clothes purchased from Asda? The George suit is no worse than a Gucci one?
    What about your walking shoes? Are they nike or are they Velcro up numbers from c&a?

    Ah, so you’re an idiot as well as a vain snob? 😉

    Dodgy capitalisation too.
    Sent during a break in double maths? 😀

    ron jeremy

    popped in this morning got gloves waterproof trousers and a set of the small led lights for emergency use

    All look and fit okay, the way I see it it’s functional everyday commuting gear the sort of stuff you wash and wear daily/weekly throughout the winter

    as above my riding gear comprises of stuff from all brands at all price points, it’s all about being fit for purpose as far as I’m concerned

    So I assume you only dress in clothes purchased from Asda? The George suit is no worse than a Gucci one?

    you appear to have replied to my post without actually reading it? I don’t “only” dress in Aldi kit, you missed the

    My kit bag contains everything from Planet X and Lidl to Assos

    bit. Different kit for different roles. My commuting clothing gets hammered and I’d rather trash a cheap top than my Assos. I own a cheap 30 quid Tesco suit because through work I sometimes go into the sort of houses you wipe your feet on the way out.

    Sometimes you get what you pay for when you go more upmarket, sometimes not. The Aldi pendant lights are far brighter than the equivalent Knog, and leagues better than the Skull lights Planet X do which are Christmas Cracker novelty quality. As I said earlier, my Endura gloves are crap, but they cost 30 quid, not 5. My bike’s worth £4K and has a CCDB with a Ti spring so no I dont leave it locked up outside Iceland, but I’m not snobby about cheaper bikes and kit if it works.

    Premier Icon miketually

    The bike stuff doesn’t sell out too fast in out local store, so I’ll have a gander on Saturday when we’re in shopping anyway.

    Had the waterproof trousers a few years ago and they were fine. I don’t think the waterproofing lasted quite as long as the Enduras that I replaced them with, but I put a big hole in the Enduras falling off last week so they’re not that waterproof now either.

    So I assume you only dress in clothes purchased from Asda? The George suit is no worse than a Gucci one?
    What about your walking shoes? Are they nike or are they Velcro up numbers from c&a?

    I’m currently at work wearing some H&M jeans that I bought in a charity shop for £4. A couple of weeks ago, I was wearing Howies jeans that were 20 time as much. They both do a pretty similar job of covering up my legs and don’t look/fit that differently.


    Merino wool base laser is only 30% merino…… Doesn’t feel great in the hand but not worn it yet…

    I picked a base layer up and it says 100% merino wool on the label, not as nice as an icebreaker which in turn isnt as nice as smartwool but still not bad for the money.

    maybe the 30% merino ones are these

    Premier Icon simmy

    I got some Gloves and some of them back up lights.

    The Gloves are almost identical to my Gore ones and, although I’ve not worn them on the Bike yet, seem really comfy.

    As for the sizing, I got a Gilet a few weeks ago and tried on a Large which was way too big so settled for a Medium. As DONK said, some things are sealed so I couldn’t try it on but it really is too big.

    Should have swooped it for a Small but I’m 14 stone and broad shoulders and was 11lbs 5 at birth so I’ve never worn small in my life so seems strange sizing.


    just picked up some ALDI gloves as they seem to have a nice fit, probably only need them for really cold days or snow days as they look warm and may get a bit sweaty but for £5 couldnt turn that down and my current gloves that cost 6 times that are like that anyway..
    may also work as ski gloves or backup gloves.
    ive got some decent clothes from aldi over the years, and also returned a few due to just not fitting. its a bit hit and miss but the quality is usually good and comparable to products that cost alot more.
    didnt have my size in the winter leggings though.


    For some reason the old stock of merino jerseys is listed as £20 with 50% off, but it rings through as £7.50, worth a punt.

    Tagged as “pure merino Wool” so I guess 100%

    I picked up an old-stock waterproof jacket at similar “extra” discount; listed at £20 rrp, in sale pile marked for £14, rang through at £10.

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