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  • PSA, Aldi bike gear next Thursday, 2nd May…
  • ron jeremy

    …..not sure if its been posted yet however Aldi bike gear is in stock as of next Thursday, gonna try the short sleeve tops and socks myself.

    ron jeremy

    anyone popped in yet, I’m going to drop by on the way into the office, I’ll let you know how it is…

    Assuming it won’t have been ramsacked by midday? Went to work before any of the stores opened 🙁


    glasses, gloves and packable jackets all seem ok 🙂 bought two of each


    Long shot I know, but anyone been in the Poole branch and can tell me if it’s worth going at 1ish, or will it all be gone?

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Popped out to a local branch and was a bit disappointed. I was particularly interested in the softshell shorts but the cut was all wrong (for me) and the stitching left a lot to be desired. I didn’t even bother getting any socks this time.

    Still – I did pick up a couple of packets of Disco Groovy Biscuits, so not a total loss!!!

    Just got back from the local shop, still loads left 🙂

    3 x sunglasses (can never have too many!)
    2 x pairs of gloves
    pair of casual shorts
    pair of lycra shorts
    leg warmers
    knee warmers
    softshell jacket

    All for the princely sum of £59. Cant go wrong.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Wasn’t a lot of panniers left at 9:15 in Lancaster but I grabbed a couple and my commuter is now fitted out for shopping duties again after the old ones disintegrated last month. Plenty of shades, gloves and softshells left though.

    What are the softshells like?

    What are the softshells like?

    Havn’t actually taken it out of its packet yet I’m afraid!


    Wife is off to have a look at the premium jerseys to see if they are any good and to get a pair of glasses so I can stop trashing my Oakleys.

    Premier Icon MartynS

    What are the softshells like?

    Got the black one with the zip off arms. Frankly for £15.99 it’s ideal!
    My last one lasted years this one feels nice enough, time will tell, and I hope I don’t actually need it for a good couple of months!


    Got the backpack and its crap I got the 20ltr one £15:99 and it ripped with in 10mins of putting my stuff in side (stitching on the side) also there is no huck for your bladder.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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