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  • PSA. £199 paddle boards
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    Twobarefeet.co.uk had a £50 fibreglass one that I bought which is really good, but not showing on the website right now so presume out of stock. Deffo better than the Mistral one which had its first outing tonight.

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    Paddles are like handlebars, tyre and gearing all combined. It’s worth trying some before you buy if you can.
    Weight, flex, blade shape and area have massive influence on the performance, feel and fatigue.

    Pretty much anything will be better than the standard budget convertible paddle that comes with the value packages.

    Smaller area blade should be less stress on your shoulders, bit like easier gearing, higher cadence and not as hard/less torque required so bigger isn’t better.

    Posh paddle will need more taking care not scratch and bash on rocks etc and you’ll probably bend up wanting a bag to protect it in transport.

    Feels a bit wrong talking about paddles that mostly retail for more than the board the thread is about. Friend has a lidle Mistral and its really good for even twice the price and I would still recommend getting a nice paddle to use with it as it will make a huge difference.

    Some of the paddles we’ve had, I’m not an expert, but have been paddling regularly for a few years and felt I could justify getting paddles I want.

    Oshea alu nylon, blade is feels a bit flexy but is a massive step up in performance from the bundled budget ones that are convertible double ended.

    Red alu/nylon with a rubber edge 3 piece for times when you are absolutely going to bash it on rocks ets, it’s fairly heavy and doesn’t have the grip in the water.

    2 bare feet 3 piece carbon, really light, fairly nice quality but I couldn’t get on with the flutter, actually made it hard work for me to use and easier using a quality nylon/alloy even with the extra weight. They seem to no longer sell that specific paddle any more.

    Red 3 piece carbon, that is quite large area and extremely stiff and relatively heavy (for a carbon paddle) that’s normally used if we need to pack the paddle in the isup bag or not got much space to transport.

    My main paddle is an O’Shea 1 piece carbon, again is a fairly big blade but has a nice amount of flex so not as hard on my body as the Red and a light weight so doesn’t get tiring using all day.

    Wife now has Quick Blade 2 Piece designed for smaller paddlers, it’s got a smaller diameter shaft so fits her hands better.
    Blade area is too small for me but it is amazing the plunge, just grips the water. It really is a lovely thing and I dare not try one in my size…

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    Well, me too…

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    Surely it should be handcrafted in wood?

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