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  • ps4 games for a old fart.
  • Having a PS4 and not persisting with GTA V would be like throwing away lifetime tickets to the top 5 Worldwide mountain bike destinations, leaving a 4k Enduro rig rusting away in the garage while you…

    around a 6×10 manky backyard in the rain.

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    this reputation that gaming is just for fat reclusive teenagers is unfair imo. with the amount of shite thats on TV atm, im quite happy to sit down for an hour or two (after a day at work, bike ride, gym, healthy meal) and get stuck into a super engaging, beautifully made bit of virtual reality.


    Son has been playing Witcher 3. I haven’t had a go, but it does look engrossing

    Gran Turismo??? I’m still waiting for the PS4 version – isn’t it rumoured as a 2017 release???


    Destiny. It’s fantastic and addictive.


    Firewatch is a nice gentle ish game to play – some complaints about the ending, but personally I really enjoyed it.

    I think that’s on ps4 now


    My complaint about Firewatch, was the £ to playing time ratio.

    The dashboard theme is my favourite one ever, tho. Finally replaced the Journey one.

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    I still think gaming is for kids ,do middle age men really play computer games ?

    I think they’re the largest gaming demographic currently.

    Cartoons are for kids too, only last week I bought GTA-V and Urotsukidoji for my six-year-old.


    I’ve had a PS4 since release but hardly ever play it as I’m always busy playing guitar, riding or working.

    Having an ankle operation soon, might end up blowing the dust and cobwebs off the controllers.

    Have quite a few games but would rather ride or learn/better self.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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