PS4 games for 13 year old

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  • PS4 games for 13 year old
  • So he has saved his money for nearly two years and now has a PS4. It was hard getting suitable games for the Xbox360, but the PS4 titles are nearly all 18 :-/

    He has;
    PvZ 2
    Any Mans Sky

    It’s his birthday soon so I would like to buy him a couple of games. Can anyone recommend some titles that are rated 16 or less?

    He loves FPS’s, so they are of particular interest, but please recommend any ‘good’ games

    PS – no football ones


    Star Wars Battlefront is a 16. Cheap too, so not a 40 quid layout for something he won’t like.

    Overwatch would be great for him, I reckon.


    Battlefront’s great if he’s into Star Wars BUT it’s been out a while now and two out of the four updates (extra levels) have been released already so factor in a few more ££ for the Season Pass. One more set of levels is coming this year, then the final one early next so the game does at least have another 6 months left in it.

    Lego games are always good and quite cheap. My daughter (6) and nephew (13) like playing those.

    Will have a look at SW Battlefront. Overwatch also rings a bell

    ?Season Pass?
    ?Money for extra levels?
    Heads off to google again….

    As for Lego Games, I love them, but he has declared that he is ‘past them’ 🙁

    What he really wants, of course, are the Call of Duty/Battlefield games his mates probably all have.

    His ‘buddies’ are similarly restricted. COD games on the x-box are lower age ratings

    It frustrates me that games strive for the 18 rating as that is where the disposable income is. Make a good game and the money could/should roll in


    Unchartered 4 is a 16 – I haven’t played it but it is well rated by people it is also £30 on the Playstation Store


    Re-Season Pass, in the old days when you bought a game the whole game came on the disc, now it’s more like you buy the disc but it only has half of the final content on it. You can just stick to that but then they release more levels as time goes by which you can buy individually each time (Battlefront charges about £12) or you can buy them all as part of a ‘Season Pass’ which costs about £40.
    The thing I like about Battlefront over Call of Duty is that the time span between new discs is longer so the whole game has a longer life span. It’s a bloody rip off though when you consider a whole game could end up costing in excess of £80, i’ve seen some on the Playstation store for £105!! ALL games seem to be doing this or something similar now 🙁


    Another vote for Uncharted 4 , mild cussing + pretty tame , probably 16 because of the fag smoking. Under £30 on flea bay & jolly enjoyable.

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    just get a pre-order for the upcoming(october) battlefield 1 and don’t be so miserable! it’s 18, but hohum, all shootem ups feature guns and killing things/people. He’s not going to turn into a mass murderer or be traumatized!

    tell yourself it’s of historical value if you are having trouble with it! 😆

    seosamh77 – I’m not miserable. Tell me why it’s good and why it got an 18 rating and I may consider it

    His best buddy has just told me that he has Destiny and loves it and apparently my boy has demo’d Destiny on the Xbox360 and enjoyed it

    EDIT – You Edited!

    Destiny is good, and if his mate has it, that might be the one. Make sure you get the right ‘content’ for it though, there have been a number of extra add-ons put out over the last couple of years, and if you just get the basic version it might be disappointing.

    As for FPS age ratings, while you don’t want to see massive blood spatters etc, I think one of the insidious things in some titles is the frequency of dying and respawning (every few seconds in some matches where you’re not doing all that well), which can be frustrating for younger players. And the fact that you might need to spend money after you buy the game if you want the upgraded weapons/characters which are currently slaughtering you.

    Battlefront was a bit like that, not as bad as COD though.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    I’m only winding ye up tbh (It’s entirely up to you to decide if your wee yin is mature enough! 😉 ). been a while since I played any games, but the battelfield franchise is awesome always has been. would probably be the only game that would tempt me to buy and up to date console!


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    Rocket league is great fun, FIFA of course. Best is GTA V but, um well, yeah… Needs to wait a while

    Re 18 Ratings; The blood splatters and gore are fine by me. Prude I may be, but the language bugs me more

    I am also happy with the online contact in Minecraft, PvZ etc as it is measured and restricted, but don’t want some 18+ year old screaming a tirade of abuse/obscenities at my lad because he is a ‘******* noob’ and has ‘let the ***** team down you *****’. That time will come, but it is not now.

    QOS and COD on the Xbox360 allowed some control of stuff like this

    In that case, all you have to do is mute the chat on whatever he’s playing (you can do this on ps4) and if he wants to talk to his mates, do it via a separate skype connection. How’s your broadband speed? 🙂

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    Thing that would honestly bother me more than the games age rating would be if it was going to be played online. The language and abuse you hear are far worse than any of the games script.

    Edit: martinhutch has it.

    2nd edit: Apart from gta where the voice settings appear to have no effect at all. But there is no way I would be letting a 13 year old play that anyway.


    I very nearly got rid of GTA because of the language. At the start it was very over the top!

    Thanks Peeps, this is exactly what I wanted to find out; how to keep things ‘sane’.

    Broadband speed is fine, but I need to sort the QOS settings as the games console seems to take all that is available, rather than just what it needs. Not sure if the ‘mates’ have similar options/settings/control of their internet connections, but it is now my job to find out

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    don’t want some 18+ year old screaming a tirade of abuse/obscenities at my lad because he is a ‘******* noob’

    It’s not the 18 year olds that do that IME, it’s the 13 year olds.

    I only ever play with people I know (or friends of friends) rather than public games, good way of implementing quality control.

    As for being “past” Lego games, we’ve got pretty much all of them and my OH is late 30s and I’m early 40s.

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